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TA: Bitcoin Price Reclaims $20K, Why This Could Be The Start of Larger Rally

Bitcoin price gained pace for a move above $20,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is showing positive signs and might rise further above $20,500. Bitcoin...

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Teller Finance Introduces DeFi-Native Lending Market in Singapore

Ryan Berkun

Blockworks exclusive: The DeFi protocol now allows the ability for individuals in the country to receive loans ranging from $500 and $6,000

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Plenty To Look Forward To In 2022 According To Netswap’s Roadmap

Tag Template - News Hub PRO CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass AdoptionIs not everyday that you’ll find a blockchain initiative making history. Although, on December 6th, 2021, the Netswap team achieved ...


prePO Raises $2.1M in Strategic Round to Democratize Pre-Public Investing

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Singapore, Singapore, 23rd March, 2022, Chainwire The funding round, led by Republic Capital and IOSG Ventures, will help unlock private

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SushiSwap (SUSHI): The ‘All You Can Eat’ DeFi Buffet

From the beginning of 2020 until now, the DeFi space could be summarised in two words: food fight. Indeed, it truly feels like a new ridiculous food-themed DeFi protocol is being added to this culinary carnage every other day. One of the most sought-after DeFi delicacies? Sushi, of course! For most crypto enthusiasts, the introduction of SushiSwap signaled that […]

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Secretum x Alfprotocol: Expanding Solana’s Ecosystem With Decentralized Financial & Communication Services

Solana is a high-speed, low-cost decentralized blockchain that became an attractive base for many decentralized projects. Secretum and Alfprotocol is not an exception. By offering their messaging and decentralized financial services projects seek to expand Solana’s ecosystem. Both Secretum and Alfprotocol teams believe that this partnership will provide users with greater flexibility and functionality, and further solidify Solana as a one-stop solution for all their needs. In the following article, we will take a closer look into each of the projects and what their partnership will bring. To begin with, Secretum is a decentralised, encrypted messaging and OTC trading dApp which: Does not collect any sensitive personal data (emails, ID numbers, DOBs, physical addresses, etc). All messaging is exclusively based on verifying wallet addresses via the node network. Bypasses geographic/political obstacles (jurisdictional/IP access limitations, government censorship, etc.), ensuring messages are not censored, filtered, or tampered with by third parties. Holds message history and files (photos, documents, etc.) on anonymous, independent, and non-connected nodes, on the Secretum network. Smart Public Channels (SPCs) – can be used for communication with investors, product users, P2P deals and even for trading assets like NFTs or tokens; SPCs owners can upload exclusive content only available to people who prove that they own a certain amount of crypto assets or pay subscription fees. The brand-new member joining Secretum’s community is Alfprotocol– a Solana-based leveraged liquidity provision dapp. Alfprotocol will integrate Secretum dapp to their day-to-date communication with the community and product users. Alfprotocol community members will be able to find all the latest announcements and information in the Smart Public Channel dedicated to Alfprotocol. Besides that, Alfprotocol users will have the ability to chat with each other using the Secretum private & decentralised messaging dApp. Most importantly, Alfprotocol will use Secretum’s Smart Public Channel feature to educate the public about decentralized finances. They will share its educational videos, infographics and other content on their private channel. Thus, the public will be able to learn about DeFi in a decentralized app like Secretum. In general, Alf is a protocol for capital deployment on Solana for the purposes of liquidity provision and yield farming, both with and without a margin of up to 200x. The protocol introduces its own versions of an invariant-based Automated Market Maker protocol for exchange operations and a money market for short-term loans. The central contribution to the Solana ecosystem is a protocol for leveraged LP positions in AMM pools and yield farming protocols. Alf improves capital efficiency and facilitates more liquid markets by connecting low-risk, low-effort investors providing liquidity to lending protocols with risk-seeking, active management investors who focus on leveraged liquidity provision and yield farming positions. To celebrate this partnership, Secretum is launching a giveaway! 50 people have the chance to win a total of 2000 $SER and 250,000 $ALF tokens (worth 2000 USDT). Rules: Go to Sweewidget.com – Secretum x Alfprotocol Giveaway Complete the tasks (The more tasks one does – the more chances to win they have) The winners will receive a communication from the platform regarding the prizes they have won. Prize pool: 2000 $SER and 250,000 $ALF (40 $SER and 5000 $ALF per person)  Deadline: Monday, 4th of April, 10:00 PM UTC More about Alfprotocol  Alfprotocol – a step towards the third-generation DeFi, offering leverage for liquidity providers. At the core lies the protocol for leveraged liquidity provision into AMMs and yield farming. Alfprotocol offers 2 protocols for unleveraged liquidity management: AlfMM (DEX) and Alf (an overcollateralized borrowing service). The core purpose is to provide entry points for traders and risk-averse investors, offering them a platform to trade and provide liquidity, all the while reining in additional revenue from indirectly providing liquidity. More information about Secretum Secretum is a decentralised, encrypted messaging and OTC trading dApp that is on a mission to make decentralized messaging and trading seamless. It is DeFi and metaverse compatible, being positioned as the go-to solution for the Web 3.0 era. Secretum offers: validation through wallet, OTC, P2P trading (including NFTs) & access to smart public channels    

Why GameFi Networks Could Make Gaming a Stable Source of Income?

Why GameFi Networks Could Make Gaming a Stable Source of Income?

According to 2020 statistics, the global traditional gaming market was worth $57.7 billion and was forecasted to hit $73.6 billion by 2024. These figures can differ from what we see now, more so in the wake of the GameFi Network that is quickly revolutionizing the gaming industry. GameFi combines the conventional thrill of earning or winning prizes from games and takes the play-to-earn model to a new level. It’s the hottest thing in the gaming world right now, and if you wonder why—it’s leveraging the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Understanding the GameFi Network GameFi is not too old in our ears, but it’s simply a combination of gaming and finance, precisely decentralized finance (DeFi). It merges cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, and the mechanics of video gaming to provide a virtual environment where people can play and earn. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have more use cases in the network, making them profitable and affordable. The gaming applications under GameFi allow players to benefit from a range of financial options, making gaming on GameFi a potential stable source of income for players. Based on a specific game’s economic setup, players can have a combination of or any of the following options: ·         Yield farming ·         In-game currency rewards ·         Staking ·         NFT-based assets In-Game Currency Rewards All GameFi platforms require players to have a cryptocurrency wallet for storing the specific game token or NFTs. The games also require players to purchase a starter pack, so having a loaded cryptocurrency wallet is necessary. However, once players are in the game, they can receive monetary rewards in the game’s token. The rewards come after completing specific tasks in the game, such as growing virtual crops on Decentraland, mining precious stones, or winning battles, providing opportunities for continuous financial inclusion. Axie Infinity (AXS) is one of the pioneer GameFi pioneers that allowed the Philippines to earn money in real life amid a country-wide lockdown. Many people who lost their income during the pandemic signed up for AXS, and reports came out that some were earning over $50 daily, which was above the country’s minimum wage. Some players turned Axie Infinity games into their full-time job. NFT-Based Assets The NFT industry has quickly grown into a billion-dollar industry, and GameFi is leveraging its potential in gaming. While crypto gaming focuses on allowing players to transact and receive gaming rewards in crypto, NFT gaming is a little different. Players can generate NFTs based on assets in the game, like land or armor. Think about all the virtual assets that players unlock when playing conventional games. All these assets can be made into NFTs and owned by players. The NFTs remain on the distributed ledger network and are under the control of players rather than the game developers. Owners can transfer or sell them on the blockchain, and the gaming platform also allows them to access NFT marketplaces for buying and selling NFTs. Staking GameFi applications provide a mechanism for players to delay rewards for higher payouts. Staking can take different forms depending on the platform, but players have a variety of ways to enhance their experiences in gaming. Players who stake their earnings can earn passive income paid in the game’s native or other cryptocurrencies. Myobu, for instance, allows holders of its Myobu token to stake and earn passive income paid in Ether. It is an innovative approach to pay rewards in another crypto coin other than its native token. Most projects prefer to use the native token for rewards, although using the token results in downward pressure on the token’s price as players sell their earnings. Players do not lose their tokens upon staking. Instead, they get locked away in a wallet the players possess, and they have the freedom to ‘unstake’ at any time. Even if the staking period hasn’t expired yet, players can retrieve the lock-ups at a fee. In any case, staking allows players to increase their returns passively while developing their ability to purchase NFTs. Yield Farming Yield farming is an investment strategy in DeFi that involves lending or staking crypto tokens to receive transaction fees and interest rewards. Players in the GameFi network can provide their token holdings and become liquidity providers. The tokens provided will be locked in a liquidity fund and reward the liquidity providers with the fees and interest. MOBOX is one of the GameFi platforms providing one of the best yield farming strategies for users. Liquidity providers can stake their coins into the CRATE contract, whereby each contract has a uniquely optimized yield farming strategy under different DeFi protocols. Wrapping Up The GameFi network provides an upper hand to the new age of gamers compared to traditional gaming platforms. It … Continued

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Cens World Launches as the Future Metaverse Open-World Game of the Century

Cens World Launches as the Future Metaverse Open-World Game of the Century. Cens World is a 3D fully Metaverse game that utilises advanced technologies to bring the best experiences to players, help them live in the real world, and admire the items they have created or owned most realistically.

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It's no accident that many people believe Cens World will usher in a new era of Metaverse gaming. This is a game in which all countries and territories participate in a simulation of a parallel Earth to the present. It doesn't matter which character the user is in the game. Players in Cens World will craft their own stories and give their characters personalities. As a result, the characters in Cens World are always one-of-a-kind, profound, or horrific, and they must all be owned by the player. In the realm of CENS WORLD, players have complete control over their characters' fates.

CENS WORLD is entering a new era.

CENS WORLD is a Metaverse-based environment where players can have the best gaming experiences while also earning money. Cens World, not surprisingly, is slated to usher in a new age for Metaverse gaming. This is the first Metaverse game that was founded to offer create-for-money (C2E) for creative players to earn money. CENS WORLD is a one-of-a-kind game in which the game's characters, each with their own distinct personality, tell deep, fascinating, and often odd player-created stories. "CENS WORLD," also known as "Game of the Century," with the slogan "Century - New World, New Story," provides players with ultra-natural sensations that few other games on the market can match.

In the CENS WORLD world, it doesn't matter what the characters are. They'll come to life thanks to a new set of powerful and easy-to-use creative tools included in CENS WORLD. Players join the metaverse in real-time or game time to keep the game exciting. Every day, the player will be faced with a variety of random circumstances, such as illness, inability to work, or insects ruining the farm. Including such random events in the game will add to the game's appeal while also reducing the risk of inflation.

The many features equipped, such as Bank, Farm, NFT Market, Mini-game, and Tournament, are unique in the realm of CENS WORLD. These gaming elements all give players realistic experiences akin to real-life activities, which is a unique feature created by CENS WORLD.

All of the above factors will open a new era for CENS WORLD.

Technical data

  1.    Token     figures

Token name: Cens World Token.

Code: CENS.

Blockchain: BSC.

Token standard: BEP-20.

Token type: Utility token, governance token.

Total supply: 500,000,000.

  1.     Token     Allocation Plan

CSR: 1%

Liquidity, listing, marketing: 20%

Partners & Advisors: 3%

Development Team: 4%

Founding Team: 10%

Ecosystem Fund: 6%

Seed Round: 5%

Private Sale: 10%

Public Sale: 1%

Create to Earn: 21%

Staking Rewards: 19%

  1.     Token     release schedule

Seed Round: 9% at TGE, cliff 2 months, then over 13 months,

Private Sale: 9% at TGE, cliff 3 months, then over 13 months,

Public Sale: 100% unlocking starts from the moment the token is listed on the crypto exchange.

Create to Earn: Unlock 100% on Day 0.

Staking Rewards: Unlock 4% on Day 0, and 3% monthly for the next 32 months starting from Day 120.

Ecosystem Fund: Unlock 3% monthly for 32 months starting from Day 30, and 4% in the last month.

Founding Team: Unlock 2,75% monthly for 36 months starting Day 30, and 1% the last month.

Development Team: 4% unlocked at Day 30, then 3% monthly vesting in 32 months.

Partners & Advisors: 20% unlocked at Day 30, then 2% monthly vesting in 40 months,

Liquidity, listing, marketing: 12% unlocked at Day 0, then 8% quarterly vesting in 11 quarters.

CSR: 100% unlocking starts from the moment the token is listed on the crypto exchange.

  1.     How to use the token?

4.1: Governance: Holders of CENS governance tokens will be able to vote, submit referendums, and elect council members, among other things.

4.2: Transaction Fees: Tokens can be used to pay transaction fees in the Cens World system.

4.3: Lending Charge: If a user uses CENS tokens to make transactions at the Central Bank, a fee will be added to the liquidity, raising the value of CENS tokens.

4.4: Launchpad: CENS token holders are eligible to participate in future Cens World ecosystem projects.

4.5: Rewards: Cens World, like other DeFi platforms, will have a large pool of general money to contribute. The number of CENS tokens collected from liquidity providers will be proportional to the amount of additional liquidity. In addition, CENS tokens will be awarded for marketing initiatives, prizes, listing conversions, and so forth.

Cens World is still a relatively unknown name in the Metaverse. However, due to the game's unique qualities in comparison to the current market, this is a fantastic opportunity to profit from the investment in the future.

Profits from…

• NFT & Lands: CENS WORLD sells NFTs and Lands to players who pay to make money.
• Lending: NFTs Lending Profits.
• Market fees: peer-to-peer NFT market fees.
• In-game transaction fees: shopping fees (food to survive, clothes, houses, etc.).
• Gaming commission: Mini-Game, PvP, Tournament commission.


The CENS WORLD ecosystem is currently run by 13 members:

• Mr. Hoang Anh: 10 years of experience in PM, Marketing & Sales at domestic technology projects. More than 7 years of experience in the VR/AR Smart Glass design field.
• Anh Hung Duong CIO: 7 years of experience in software development, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain.
• Li Zheng Xiang Yun CFO Over 5 years working with foreign funds. More than 7 years working with Sales and Marketing department
• Trang Vu Quynh - CMO: Miss Courage & Top 10 Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 with a passion for bringing Vietnam's Fintech initiatives to the world.
• Tracy Bui - Community Manager: 4 years of experience in Community Management.
• Ngan Tran Public Relations Officer: Many years in the field of media and journalism.
• Ha Le Manh - Chief Gaming Officer: Over 10 years managing and operating 2D and 3D Game Development. Participated in the game bullets strike battlegrounds in 2016. Since 2016 have participated in many other large and small online game projects.
• Vu Phan - CTO: Over 10 years of web application experience
• Brian Dhang Blockchain Team Leader” 10 years of application experience in working on web / mobile/desktop, games as well as blockchain development.
• Sujata Gupta - Community Manager: 2 years of experience in community development.
• Firman Siburian - Community Development: 2 years of experience in community development, Marketing.
• Phu Hoang - HRM: 5 years of experience as a domestic PM in technology projects.
• Duc Hoang - Team Leader Game Artist: 5 years of experience in graphic design for Games

Join the realm of CENS WORLD as a partner or a player to see how unique the game environment on Metaverse is.

Find out more information about Cens World:

Website: https://century.luxe/

Whitepaper: https://century.luxe/white-paper-en.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CensWorldnft

Telegram: https://t.me/censworldgroup

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Baldric

Company Name: Cens World

Email: info@century.luxe

Website; https://century.luxe/

What Problems is izumi Solving for Uniswap V3

Launched on Bybit in December, izumi Finance is the first programmable liquidity mining protocol that optimizes liquidity allocation and enables the protocol to deliver rewards precisely and efficiently over certain price ranges.

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Goldman Sachs, Cumberland wade deeper into Bitcoin, Ether derivatives

Finance giants Cumberland and Goldman Sachs have moved to offer clients exotic crypto derivatives in the form of unilateral options.

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Timechain Taps Fireblocks Network To Improve Its Institutional Reach

Timechain Taps Fireblocks Network To Improve Its Institutional Reach
Timechain continues its push to bring cryptocurrency solutions to institutional-grade clients by joining the Fireblocks network. Global demand for exposure to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance has risen strongly throughout 2021. Timechain, as a Canadian firm specializing in digital assets and DeFi solutions, brings its tools to a global audience. Its advanced trading and financial tools […]

Acta Finance Enters The Avalanche Ecosystem After Successfully Rebranding From ADA Finance

Acta Finance Enters The Avalanche Ecosystem After Successfully Rebranding From ADA Finance

Press Release: DeFi ecosystem, ADA Finance, has rebranded to Acta Finance, launching a new native token $ACTA, as well as developing its own AMM, ActaFi Swap.   March 14th, 2022, Mahe Victoria, Seychelles – ADA Finance, a pioneering decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem which will operate on Avalanche initially, has successfully completed a rebrand, changing its […]

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LunaFi: Decentralized Betting Platform Built on Polygon

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The more cryptocurrency’s popularity grows, the more individuals become interested in cryptocurrency-based gambling. A project like LunaFi is a revolutionary upgrade to traditional betting platforms and innovates the world of gambling by fusing it with blockchain. The interest in playing games of chance and betting on sports over the internet has seen a huge rise [...]

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