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Solana On the Verge of Major Price Movement

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LBank Exchange Will List Ryoma (RYOMA) on March 28, 2022

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Mar. 25, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Ryoma (RYOMA) on March 28, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the RYOMA/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 18:00 (UTC+8) on March 28, 2022. The NFT boom is sweeping across the globe, and...

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Decentralized Biomedical Network DeBio Rolling Out Roketo’s Crypto-Streaming Solution To All Accounting And Payroll

Roketo, the crypto-streaming solution built on NEAR Protocol, has announced DeBio, an anonymous-first appchain for medical and bioinformatics services and data, will be rolling out the company's payment service to all their accounting and payroll. 

DeBio is a public project and transparency of transactions is the main reason why it turned from traditional banking solutions to Roketo. Currently, DeBio is using the streaming solution to pay more than 200 advisors and investors working on its project. Next month they are planning to roll the service out to all of their accounting and payroll.

“Roketo takes transparency to the next level compared to competitors. In services like Blockchain Explorer or NEAR Scan, we can see the list of transactions and content of the wallets but we don't have a view of where the tokens will be allocated. And in Roketo we see exactly how many tokens are allocated for the investors. Currently, we have 200 investors and it's important for us to be able to set hundreds of streams automatically, through a script, for them,” says DeBio CEO Pandu Sastrowardoyo.

“We're happy to have DeBio's trust as they're rolling out Roketo's crypto-streaming service to all their accounting and payroll. They've been with us paying a number of investors and advisors, and clearly, they've valued the transparency and ease of use of using the system that we've developed. Congratulations on further developing our relationship together, we look forward to it being a long and successful one,” says Roketo CEO Taras Dovgal. 


About DeBio

DeBio is an anonymous-first appchain for DNA sequencing and medical and bioinformatics data management. DeBio utilizes its native token as payment for genetic and biomedical services provided by its partner labs. The team is also working to supplement its platform with additional payment options to cater to its diverse user base. They launched in Octopus Mainnet in December 2021. The Octopus Network is backed by the NEAR Protocol, which provides multi-chain computing and collaboration. DeBio tokens ($DBIO) have been minted in NEP-141 format in November 2021 and can be bridge to Substrate via Octopus bridge. For more information about DeBio visit debio.network

About Roketo

Roketo is a real-time streaming solution built on NEAR Protocol, which creates the ability to transfer funds in very small batches every second (in reality even less), so it looks like a stream of liquid going through a pipe. It creates new opportunities in the field of finance and provides plenty of ways to improve today's payment systems. It has achieved more than +6k streams and users and has more than $1M streamed value. For more information about Roketo visit roke.to 

Roketo Team Contact


How Proof-of-Stake Is Playing A Critical Role In The Blockchain Ecosystem

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The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism has emerged as the most viable solution to Bitcoin and Ethereum’s energy problem. The world’s two most popular blockchains have long been criticized for their enormous power consumption, with one recent study from U.K. financial site MoneySuperMarket estimating that each Bitcoin transaction costs in excess of $100 in terms of [...]

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COMEX Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Mar. 24, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has listed COMEX on March 24, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the COMEX/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading. Aiming to bring innovation to the financial markets, COMEX intends to create a guaranteed decentralized token with...

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El Salvador Postponed The BTC Bond Due To Unfavorable Conditions

El Salvador postponed the BTC bond because of the unfavorable conditions on the market with the government pointing to market volatility, saying that things could look better by September so let’s read further in our latest Bitcoin news today. The bitcoin-backed bonds were supposed to launch last week and they might not come until September […]

Secretum x Alfprotocol: Expanding Solana’s Ecosystem With Decentralized Financial & Communication Services

Solana is a high-speed, low-cost decentralized blockchain that became an attractive base for many decentralized projects. Secretum and Alfprotocol is not an exception. By offering their messaging and decentralized financial services projects seek to expand Solana’s ecosystem. Both Secretum and Alfprotocol teams believe that this partnership will provide users with greater flexibility and functionality, and further solidify Solana as a one-stop solution for all their needs. In the following article, we will take a closer look into each of the projects and what their partnership will bring. To begin with, Secretum is a decentralised, encrypted messaging and OTC trading dApp which: Does not collect any sensitive personal data (emails, ID numbers, DOBs, physical addresses, etc). All messaging is exclusively based on verifying wallet addresses via the node network. Bypasses geographic/political obstacles (jurisdictional/IP access limitations, government censorship, etc.), ensuring messages are not censored, filtered, or tampered with by third parties. Holds message history and files (photos, documents, etc.) on anonymous, independent, and non-connected nodes, on the Secretum network. Smart Public Channels (SPCs) – can be used for communication with investors, product users, P2P deals and even for trading assets like NFTs or tokens; SPCs owners can upload exclusive content only available to people who prove that they own a certain amount of crypto assets or pay subscription fees. The brand-new member joining Secretum’s community is Alfprotocol– a Solana-based leveraged liquidity provision dapp. Alfprotocol will integrate Secretum dapp to their day-to-date communication with the community and product users. Alfprotocol community members will be able to find all the latest announcements and information in the Smart Public Channel dedicated to Alfprotocol. Besides that, Alfprotocol users will have the ability to chat with each other using the Secretum private & decentralised messaging dApp. Most importantly, Alfprotocol will use Secretum’s Smart Public Channel feature to educate the public about decentralized finances. They will share its educational videos, infographics and other content on their private channel. Thus, the public will be able to learn about DeFi in a decentralized app like Secretum. In general, Alf is a protocol for capital deployment on Solana for the purposes of liquidity provision and yield farming, both with and without a margin of up to 200x. The protocol introduces its own versions of an invariant-based Automated Market Maker protocol for exchange operations and a money market for short-term loans. The central contribution to the Solana ecosystem is a protocol for leveraged LP positions in AMM pools and yield farming protocols. Alf improves capital efficiency and facilitates more liquid markets by connecting low-risk, low-effort investors providing liquidity to lending protocols with risk-seeking, active management investors who focus on leveraged liquidity provision and yield farming positions. To celebrate this partnership, Secretum is launching a giveaway! 50 people have the chance to win a total of 2000 $SER and 250,000 $ALF tokens (worth 2000 USDT). Rules: Go to Sweewidget.com – Secretum x Alfprotocol Giveaway Complete the tasks (The more tasks one does – the more chances to win they have) The winners will receive a communication from the platform regarding the prizes they have won. Prize pool: 2000 $SER and 250,000 $ALF (40 $SER and 5000 $ALF per person)  Deadline: Monday, 4th of April, 10:00 PM UTC More about Alfprotocol  Alfprotocol – a step towards the third-generation DeFi, offering leverage for liquidity providers. At the core lies the protocol for leveraged liquidity provision into AMMs and yield farming. Alfprotocol offers 2 protocols for unleveraged liquidity management: AlfMM (DEX) and Alf (an overcollateralized borrowing service). The core purpose is to provide entry points for traders and risk-averse investors, offering them a platform to trade and provide liquidity, all the while reining in additional revenue from indirectly providing liquidity. More information about Secretum Secretum is a decentralised, encrypted messaging and OTC trading dApp that is on a mission to make decentralized messaging and trading seamless. It is DeFi and metaverse compatible, being positioned as the go-to solution for the Web 3.0 era. Secretum offers: validation through wallet, OTC, P2P trading (including NFTs) & access to smart public channels    
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The Gensyn Protocol Trustlessly Trains Neural Networks at Hyperscale with Lower Order of Magnitude…

The Gensyn Protocol Trustlessly Trains Neural Networks at Hyperscale with Lower Order of Magnitude of CostLinks: Gensyn website, Litepaper, CoinFund Portfolio, TechCrunch Article LinkInvestment Thesis SummarySecular...

Bitcoin Portfolio Insurance: Bond Risks And Contagion

As bond risks grow and contagion appear more likely than ever, every investor needs to consider bitcoin as portfolio insurance.

Ethereum Flashes Ultra-Bullish Signal — Nearly 200,000 ETH Withdrawn From Exchanges In A Day

Standard Chartered Takes More Bullish Stance On Ethereum Than Bitcoin, Predicts ETH At $35,000
Ethereum is printing another bullish indicator in the market that points to an imminent price wave. Per on-chain data by IntoTheBlock, the Ethereum market has recorded its largest single-day exchange outflow in 2022.

Is it possible for NFTs to revive the present bearish DeFi cycle?

DeFi Lending Startup Aave Launches Permissioned Platform to Induce Financial Institutions

The current DeFi market is bearish as most of the tokens are priced low compared to previous months. A bear market can be caused by a variety of events, including bursting market bubbles, a poor or lagging or sluggish economy, wars, geopolitical crises, pandemics, and significant paradigm shifts in the economy, such as changing to an internet economy. Another reason can be the isolation between NFTs and DeFi space. Let’s see how NFTs can help revitalize the bearish DeFi cycle. Isolation between NFTs and the DeFi space Looking back, we can see that NFTs and DeFi protocols have worked separately in the past. However, the current bearish moves in the Defi market may be corrected by the widespread adoption of NFTs.  This is because NFTs have the capacity to assign value to nearly any object. DeFi, on the other hand, aids in the unlocking of a certain asset’s worth. When combined together, they can balance each others’ strengths and weaknesses and enhance their capabilities. Application of NFTs to the DeFi world NFTs help revolutionize the DeFi world because of the following reasons Allow for customizable and exact roles for the community members involved such as ‘avatars’ in the Metaverse games and ‘validators’ for any DeFi protocol/blockchain like Cardano. Make a distinction between the cost of government authority and the cost of native tokens. It’s possible to make DeFi a gamification land. Protocols that can fine-tune scarcity and utility-based value. Solves the illiquidity issue with veTokens The intersection of NFTs and DeFi This section will cover a few cases where the intersection of NFTs and DeFi looks promising- Uniswap v3: The only way to introduce concentrated liquidity into Uniswap v3 was to tokenize distinct LP positions. This innovative adjustment resulted in more use, resulting in higher revenues for LPs. Curve Finance- Solidly Exchange: veCRV’s Curve Finance problem was solved by Solidly exchange. Solidly enabled the lock of tokens for ve governance tokens to be tokenized, allowing for a single lock position and several lock positions with different time durations. BinaryDAO.finance: BinaryDAO.finance, a yield DAO, reinvented APR boosting by releasing a collection of 2,500 NFTs with a 25% APR for stakers. In comparison to the status quo of depending on physical locks, the release earned revenue for bootstrapping liquidity and making APR increases liquid. Nacho Finance: Nacho Finance, an algorithmic stable coin technology, is expanding its ecosystem to include a fun and engaging game. Their Luchador NFTs will allow gambling on NFT bouts and reinforce the peg by acting as a black hole for their token’s upgrades. $NACHO Final thoughts UniSwap v3 and Solidly, for example, are very different from NFT assets with defined amounts that are distributed, such as BinaryDAO and Nacho Finance. Both protocols, however, have one thing in common: they both aim to improve the protocol user’s experience. The construction of Defi protocols is significantly influenced by the techniques employed by UniSwap v3 and Solidly. However, the innovation fostered by NFT assets and the related value addition should not be underestimated. Whether you like it or not, widespread integration between DeFi-NFTs is coming.

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A Single User Made $820K From An ApeCoin Aidrop Via Flashloan

A single user made $820K of ApeCoin during an airdrop via flashloan as we are reading further in today’s latest altcoin news. With the anticipation surging around BAYC’s launch of new tokens, a single user recieved more than 60,000 APE Tokens and netted almost $1 million, after paying of the flash loan and the fees […]

What is Compound? Learn About A Leading Crypto Lender in This DeFi Guide

In this DeFi 101 tutorial, we explain how Compound works and explore DeFi lending.
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