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Solana On the Verge of Major Price Movement

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Mid-Market Update: Stocks fluctuate awaiting geopolitical updates, Hawkish Fed Speak

The end of another long week has Wall Street bracing for another rollercoaster ride as investors digest President Biden’s crucial call with Xi and await to see if any possible pathways emerge for ending the conflict in Ukraine, all while roughly $3.5 trillion of single-stock and index-level options expire.  The days of seeing all the […]

Canadian dollar eyes retail sales

The Canadian dollar continues to rally and has gained over 1% this week. We’ll get a look at Canadian retail sales later in the day. Retail sales predicted to bounce back  After a rough start to the week, the Canadian dollar has reversed directions and posted three winning days, as the US dollar has retreated […]

Asia, once again, buys the oil dip

Oil prices held steady overnight, led by the perception of diminishing Ukraine risks and a positive meeting between the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. The platitudes handed out to Boris Johnson in Riyadh conveniently overlook the fact that the Saudis are committed to OPEC+ and are not able to unilaterally boost production […]

Today’s Crypto Boost: The FED, Inflation, And Global Adoption

Crypto assets saw some wild swings in the day and are now trading to the upside. Risky assets are reacting to the FED’s decision to raise rates by 25-basis points, and the increasing global adoption might be adding weight to the boost. Related Reading | Expectations Of Aggressive FED Drop, Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Rise To $50K What Hikes? Crypto Reacts To The FED The Federal Reserve just lifted rates 25 basis points, raising rates for the first time since 2018. Six more hikes are expected in 2022. The markets have been experiencing volatility following expectations for a more hawkish FED, given the implications of the Russo-Ukrainian war, rising U.S. inflation, and increasing Covid-19 cases. In the day, the crypto market had a downward reaction first, which experts described as a fake-out, then started to react to the upside. Experts expressed during a Fox Bussiness Live that the FED is lagging behind and this move will not affect the economy. They added that the FED is giving investors a plain field to do well in stocks, “not worrying about the U.S. economy.” Similarly, the light interest raise hikes are looking positive for bitcoin and consequently for other crypto-assets as well. Chair Jerome Powell claimed that “the probability of a recession within the next year is not particularly elevated,” and added, “All signs are that this is a strong economy, one that will be able to flourish — not to say withstand, but certainly flourish — in the face of less accommodative monetary policy.” As NewsBTC has been reporting, the 25bps hike scenario looks bullish for Bitcoin for its more passive stance. As many believe the FED’s dovish move comes as a late reaction and will do little to nothing to the U.S. inflation, investors might be taking refuge in Bitcoin as it has happened before. Inflation is expected to remain high at 4.3% by the end of 2022, above the Fed’s annual target of 2.3%. Keeping savings in the bank only means a loss of purchasing power, and as a result, many people might start to see Bitcoin as a hedge against these losses. Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder of Gemini, argues that the best way to shield yourself from rising inflation is Bitcoin. “Imagine paying a money manager 7.9% a year to do absolutely nothing with your money. That’s what inflation is. It’s a hidden management fee that comes with no return. Today, if you hold USD cash, you are paying the US government 7.9% to do nothing with your money. Scary.” Ukraine Sings Crypto Regulation Amidst the Russo-Ukrainian war, crypto has also been looking like the only feasible option to the people affected by the invasion and sanctions. Ukraine has benefited from crypto assets in several ways during the war. They have received over $108 million in donations in crypto-assets and reportedly, citizens have been able to use digital coins as a tool to safely take their funds with them when fleeing the country. Moreover, regulatory clarity for crypto in the U.S. and other places is expected. Many politicians are taking stances in favor of cryptocurrencies, and Ukraine’s president Zelensky is not lagging behind. Volodymyr Zelensky just signed a law “on virtual assets” to legalize crypto. An official statement says that this law “creates conditions for the launch of a legal market for virtual assets in Ukraine.” “The signing of this Law by the President is another important step towards bringing the cryptocurrencies sector out of the shadows and launching a legal market for virtual assets in Ukraine.” The deputy minister of digital transformation, Alex Bornyakov, expressed that they believe “that crypto industry offers new economic opportunities. We will do our best to bring the bright new future closer as soon as possible.” This does not mean cryptocurrencies are a legal tender in Ukraine, but crypto holders are now legally protected in the country. This favorable sentiment appears to be growing amongst many politicians and governments around the world, which could turn into a rapidly growing institutional adoption of crypto. As both Russians and Ukrainians have found themselves in need of an alternative to the traditional financial institutions, they have also sought refuge in bitcoin and stablecoins. Besides the functional side experienced by Ukrainians, Russians could be finding in crypto a refuge from their devalued ruble. This sets a worldwide example and could end in a positive scenario for the market. Related Reading | Leading News Outlets In Ukraine Aim To Secure $1 Million By Selling NFTs

Market Wrap: BTC, Stocks Rally in Late Session Following Fed’s Rate Increase

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Bitcoin and equities rallied late in the session, suggesting rate hikes may be mostly priced in and may not push markets down in the future

The post Market Wrap: BTC, Stocks Rally in Late Session Following Fed’s Rate Increase appeared first on Blockworks.

Fed React: Powell is finally ready to take on inflation, Retail Sales revisions, Oil lower, Gold tumbles, Bitcoin higher

US stocks went on a rollercoaster ride after a hawkish FOMC statement initially sent risky assets lower, but then turned positive after Fed Chair Powell tentatively convinced markets they will not be too late with fighting inflation. Much of today went as expected with the Fed raising rates by 25 basis points and addressing how the […]
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Canadian dollar rises as CPI surges

The Canadian dollar has extended its gains into a second day. In the North American session, USD/CAD is trading at 1.2697, down 0.52% on the day. Canada’s inflation accelerates   Canada’s inflation rate shows no signs of slowing down. Headline inflation rose 5.7% YoY in February, the largest jump since August 1991. This beat the estimate […]

Oil and gold both pare losses after Putin says Ukraine not serious in finding acceptable solution

Covid, Ukraine weigh on oil The unwind of the oil trade is an easy one as a few reasons sent prices lower: China’s Covid surge has worsened as more lockdowns occur, expectations of a long Russia-Ukraine war has decreased as Eastern European leaders show unequivocal support for Ukraine’s independence, countries like India have bought Russian […]

Stocks rally on oil plunge and soft PPI report, airlines surge,bitcoin trapped

US stocks are getting a boost from a trifecta of reasons: economic and political pressure grow for a Russian ceasefire, oil prices plunge, and after both a softer-than-expected PPI report and a disappointing Empire survey supports the idea that the Fed won’t have to be aggressive with tightening policy over the next few meetings. The […]

Bitcoin’s Consolidation Likely to End by Huge Move Following FOMC Meeting: BTC Price Analysis

Since early 2022, the bitcoin price has been trading inside a range, forming two critical supply and demand levels.  The following analysis aims to identify those supply and demand zones that form this range, and also justify the 2021-2022 market behavior based on the Long-Time Holders’ profitability or LTH-SOPR metric. The Daily Chart Techncial Analysis […]

Pound higher on strong UK job data

GBP/USD has rebounded on Tuesday after sharp employment numbers. The pound came within a whisker of the symbolic 1.30 line on Monday, dropping to a low of 1.3001. UK employment data outperforms The markets were forecasting good news from the UK employment report, and the data exceeded markets expectations. The number of unemployed persons fell […]

Mid-Market Update: Stocks fade Putin’s positive comment, Chinese ADRs, Sentiment slides

US stocks tentatively rallied after Russian President Putin saw “certain positive shifts” in talks with Ukraine. Investors are cautiously buying risky assets as we’ve seen this movie before over the past couple of weeks… Russia signals an openness for talks and then shortly after their military has made further advancements or repositioned themselves. Russian airstrikes […]
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