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Survey Junkie Review



Survey Junkie is an online platform that connects consumers to businesses in an interesting way. The company was founded in Glendale, California and has started its operations since 2013. Participants simply fill in surveys, earn points for that and redeem their points for cash. Before launching a product, brands need to conduct market research to determine the characteristics of the demand before they come with their final product.

One way of conducting their market research is through surveys. So, consumers are provided with a cash incentive to help these companies do their research. This is beneficial for people not only for earning cash but also for having their say in market trends. Altogether, the concept of this website is efficient and beneficial for all.

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie also offers to participate in focus groups, which would pay you more than completing surveys. However, it’s more difficult to

How to become a Survey Junkie member?

It is very easy to become a member. Just go to to register. You will be required to provide a valid address and confirm that you are 13 years or older.

Survey Junkie
Registration Page

After registration members are asked to complete their profiles in order to use this information letter for more relevant matching of surveys to users. There is no registration fee for signing up with Survey Junkie.

Advantages of Survey Junkie

It’s more than convenient

You are probably thinking that the way this works is just too convenient. But you are not mistaken. Survey Junkie absolutely gives you the chance to earn money on a couch with a smartphone at your preferred time of the day, doing easy work. It really doesn’t matter where you are and how much time you have. As long as you have an internet connection, you can start filling a survey and earning money with Survey Junkie.

I wouldn’t say this could be a full-time job, but some of your spare time can be used to complete a survey, which doesn’t really require you to think hard. This thing is even perfect for 5 to 10 minutes time intervals.

Easy sign-up process and initial rewards

The initial registration is super fast, which requires you to provide your zip code, email address, date of birth, gender and then you need to set up a password. This is free 25 points for you when you are done.

The next 50 easy points are earned by answering 16 questions about your preferences to complete a profile.

Confirming your email is the next step. And by that time you will have earned 100 points, i.e. your first buck.

Payment options

Survey Junkie pays people through 3 methods – cash using PayPal, popular e-gift cards and direct bank transfers. Those gift cards include the ones that you would really use such as PayPal gift cards, Amazon e-gift cards or other big retailers’ gift cards.

Payment Page
Payment Page


Compared to other online survey platforms, Survey Junkie has chosen to keep things simple. Other websites complicate things and require you to do tons of stuff and it can be difficult to figure out what you are supposed to do for money. However, with Survey Junkie there is one simple job you should do, and that is to fill in surveys.

You get points just for trying

Not all surveys are created equal and you may not qualify for a certain survey you wish to take. However, if you find out you don’t qualify for a particular survey after beginning the process itself, Survey Junkie will reward you with 3 points just for giving it a try. So, Survey Junkie values your time and doesn’t really make you waste it for nothing.

Disadvantages of Survey Junkie

Of course, Survey Junkie has great benefits, but it also has some disadvantages. It’s worth to look at these drawbacks to fully understand what the platform is like.

Surveys fill up quickly

There is a limited amount of consumers that are needed for a single survey. So, you should be on time if you want to complete a survey online.

Considering the fact that the Survey Junkie community has more than 10 million members, it is easy to miss out on surveys and mist the opportunity of earning money. It can sometimes be annoying to click to start a survey and find out that it’s filled up.

Doesn’t work equally well on all devices

Of course, the website is accessible from all devices that can have access to an internet connection. However, completing surveys on a phone and on a laptop is not really the same.

As you can probably guess, computers are the most convenient for the job due to the large screen and ease of navigation. You may sometimes find it inconvenient to complete a survey on a smartphone.

You may not qualify for some surveys

You need to spend some time answering questions before you can actually start the survey. These questions are intended to verify that you are qualified or the right person to pass the survey. So, if eventually, you do not qualify, the time was wasted (although you will be awarded with 3 points just for trying).

Subjects are not specified on surveys

This is one of the most significant drawbacks. It’s inefficient to participate in a survey without knowing if the topic is interesting for you or if you can really offer any value. The topic may be such that you just don’t have any relevant opinion to share. It would be really time efficient for people to be able to view the topic before giving it a try.

The money you earn is not significant

As I said, this cannot replace a full-time job. Surveys typically pay $0.5 t0 $3 for completing each of them. However, you cannot do this all the time and still you may not qualify for some surveys.

So, the money earned with Survey Junkie is really not that significant, but it doesn’t mean that anyone would mind earning a little cash just for sacrificing some spare minutes on a monthly basis.

Who is Survey Junkie most suitable for?

People who like giving their opinion – this platform involves very satisfying activities for people who like to have their say. Modern trends and products are dictated by the results of market research and demand patterns represented by our preferences. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who would enjoy playing a role in this.

People who don’t mind extra cash – you won’t become rich by completing surveys for businesses. However, some people don’t really mind earning a little more cash by putting in very little effort.

People who have short free time intervals – if your routine provides you with short time windows and you just don’t know how to use this time efficiently, completing surveys for money may be a good solution for you.

Popular FAQs

FAQ Page
FAQ Page

Who can become a Survey Junkie member?

Any resident of USA, Canada or Australia aged 13 or higher.

How do you earn points?

Points are earned through successfully completing surveys, profile questionnaires or referring friends to participate in activities in Survey Junkie. If an action displays points inside a green button, then you’ll know it is rewardable.

How can points be redeemed?

Once a minimum of 1,000 points have been accumulated in your account, you can redeem these points through one of the following methods:

  • Cash through PayPal (available in the USA, Canada, and Australia)
  • Popular e-gift cards (available only in the USA)
  • Direct bank transfer initiated by a third-party partner (available only in the USA)

Every 100 points are equivalent to a single US dollar.

For US PayPal users, you should complete two of the following 3 actions to verify your account:

  • Link your bank account and confirm
  • Verify your credit or debit card information
  • Provide a Social Security Number

Redemptions of points through PayPal and e-gift cards may require additional confirmation of your account over the phone with a customer support representative.

For the redemption of points through bank transfer, you will need to provide a unique US bank account and routing number.

How difficult are the surveys?

The level of difficulty is quite low. However, what’s needed is proficiency in reading and writing in English. It is also important to give honest opinions when completing the surveys because your responses are the foundation of this platform and market research for businesses. Each survey takes about 15 minutes on average to complete.

How often do people receive surveys?

Newly uploaded surveys are available on Survey Junkie every day and emails with new invitations to participate are sent to members’ email addresses. So, make sure to check your email to be up-to-date with new survey invitations.


Trustpilot about Survey Junkie
Trustpilot about Survey Junkie

4.5/5 stars out of 12,665 user reviews

4.5 stars out of 5 is pretty great with 68% of review writers giving 5 stars to the platform.

Most of the positive comment providers like the simplicity and ease of use offered by Survey Junkie. Others claim to be having fun during the process as they like expressing their opinion. People also agree that this is surely one of the easiest ways of earning cash with Survey Junkie paying out the redeemed points on time.

Nevertheless, no website and online platform is free from criticism. Some users complain about the customer service, which they think is not perfect. The reason for this is that they do not respond to customers’ queries on time. Other negative comment writers disclose that sometimes they encounter technical problems while filling in surveys.

One person claims that he had answered 90% of the survey’s questions and then the website just stopped working and he couldn’t finish the questions. Another source of complaints is the time wasted on surveys, which people do not even qualify for.

Our verdict

I will go straight ahead and recommend you this website if you are interested. It is not a scam, no fake offers and most importantly you will earn your money. Surely, there are plenty of online platforms out there that just don’t have the reputation, but Survey Junkie is well known for its legitimacy. So, you can absolutely trust the information that you read on their website about their terms and conditions.

Looking at the benefits and drawbacks, I think that the benefits outweigh. Everyone is looking for ways to earn money effortlessly these days. So, you have got it now – a surefire way to earn cash easily. There are a few problems regarding the technical aspects of the processes in Survey Junkie, but they are not too significant and would probably not influence anyone’s decision if there is interest.

Most importantly, consider the benefits it can bring to you. Depending on the type of person you are and depending on your daily routine, you can assess if this kind of a job is a right fit for you. Definitely, do not quit your current job for this as Survey Junkie will not pay you much. But, let’s say you need some extra income for a certain purpose, this is definitely for you. A lot of people answer survey questions to be able to afford to go on a holiday. This cannot be your core income, but can surely be a nice addition to it.

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Bitcoin Just Tapped $13,000 as Buyers Continue to Rush In



It’s been quite the past few days for the Bitcoin price. After trading as low as $11,200 last week, the cryptocurrency has rocketed higher. BTC now trades for $12,940 as of this article’s writing, just shy of the $13,000 daily highs it reached just hours ago.

Source of BTC's price action over the past few days. Chart from
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Bitcoin Taps $13,000

Bitcoin just tapped $13,000 as buying pressure continues to erupt across the industry. Analysts think that Bitcoin is poised to squeeze higher despite already gaining almost 9% in the past day’s trading session.

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Analysts note that Bitcoin’s funding rates on leading futures markets are currently negative to barely positive. This suggests that the cryptocurrency has room to squeeze higher as there remain short holders.

“The other times that BTC tried to break $12k, funding and premium were positive. They are neutral/negative now. So yeah, this time is different.”


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Per guidance released Wednesday evening, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is advising businesses trading in crypto derivatives to hold customer funds very carefully.

The new guidance continues the CFTC’s interest in carving out rules for custodianship of virtual currencies — an area obviously distinct from any other asset class. Per the commission: 

“Custodians of virtual currencies are typically not subject to a system of comprehensive federal or state regulation and oversight, which includes safeguarding of these novel assets, and this raises potential risks to the protection of customer funds held at such custodians.”

The specific provisions of the guidance limit the locations that a “futures commission merchant” (FCM) can deposit customer virtual currency at to “a bank, trust company, or another FCM, or with a clearing organization that clears virtual currency futures.”

Moreover, the CFTC warns FCMs that they need to keep any such deposits in accounts clearly marked as customer funds, and will not allow gains in one account to make up for losses in another.

Effectively, the guidance seems most determined that customer crypto funds remain safe and untouched, barring FCMs from trading such funds in order to make collective gains. How big of a problem FCM trading of crypto deposits has shown itself to be goes unaddressed, but you can certainly imagine some catastrophic results of a crypto futures dealer deciding to play some volatile markets using crypto funds.

The CFTC has been busy trying to assemble a holistic framework for crypto assets. At the beginning of this month, the commission promised to protect the “burgeoning market” for these assets, an announcement that came immediately after the announcement of their pursuit of BitMEX for operating an unregistered derivatives exchange in the U.S. 

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Analysis: Current Bitcoin Rise Due To New Money Entering Crypto (And Not Altcoins Sell Off)



Bitcoin is enjoying several consecutive bullish days, resulting in a break above $12,000. The movement may surprise some. A few days ago, news broke that the popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx had suspended withdrawals after reports emerged that its founder was taken away by the police.

In early October, the owners of another large platform, namely BitMEX, were charged by the US CFTC with illegally operating a derivatives exchange.

Similar developments typically lead to adverse consequences for the cryptocurrency market. Although Bitcoin’s price indeed dipped briefly, the asset recovered swiftly. Moreover, it actually started accelerating.

On October 2nd, when the BitMEX news came out, BTC slumped to $10,400. With its price set above $12,200, this represents a 17% increase in less than three weeks. Since last Friday alone, when the OKEx events transpired, Bitcoin has gained about $1,000 of value.

Apart from building optimism within the community that a new 2020 high of above $12,500 is coming, BTC’s impressive performance raised questions about the nature of the funds going into Bitcoin.

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New Capital Enters

Popular cryptocurrency commentator Alex Saunders published a graphic on the matter called “Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows.”

Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows. Source: Twitter
Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows. Source: Twitter

Saunders specified that the blue represented the entire cryptocurrency market cap, the black – BTC’s market cap, and the orange was the cumulative market cap of all alternative coins.

He outlined several periods when Bitcoin’s performance contrasted altcoins. This implies that when BTC was heading up, investors were swapping their altcoin positions for more significant exposure to Bitcoin and vice-versa.

However, the latest price increase for the primary cryptocurrency doesn’t fall under the same category. Saunders concluded that the data he collected “suggests the capital entering Bitcoin is new money rather than a rotation from Altcoins.”

Alternative Coins Stay Still

By examining the price performance of the altcoin market, one could see merit in his words. Although some alts have lost value lately, most have remained relatively stable.

On a weekly scale, Ethereum has lost less than 1%, while Ripple has dropped by about 2%, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

The altcoin market cap hovered around $148 billion a week ago and is slightly down to $147 billion now. The monthly scale even sees an increase from about $135 billion.

Altcoin Market Cap. Source: CoinMarketCap
Altcoin Market Cap. Source: CoinMarketCap

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