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Surplus Domains Available


Well, it’s time to start blogging again. Twitter has robbed much of the time and mental energy that I used to devote to this blog, but maybe the Great Coronavirus Pause is a good opportunity to add some new content.

In the meantime, though, I decided to log into my domain management account and bozhe moi! I have a bunch of domains that I registered (and have been auto-renewing) for projects that never took off, or got shut down. I don’t particularly need any of these anymore, so if you’re interested, let me know. (Not trying to make any money; I’ll just transfer them to you, and you can pick up the renewal fees whenever the current term expires.)

Any interest? I am offering:

  • arizonaspace.org
  • arizonaspacebusiness.com
  • arizonaspacecenter.com
  • arizonaspacecenter.org
  • arizonaspaceinstitute.com
  • arizonaspaceinstitute.org
  • atlanta.cat
  • azspace.online
  • carly2020.com
  • carly2024.com
  • cherokeeventures.com
  • delta-vee.com
  • digital-dixie.com
  • digital-dixie.net
  • digital-dixie.org
  • dixieventures.com
  • errandsmith.com
  • innovation-advisor.com
  • innovationdiamond.com
  • monopropellant.com
  • nationalacademyofinnovation.biz
  • nationalacademyofinnovation.com
  • nationalacademyofinnovation.net
  • nationalacademyofinnovation.org
  • nationalacademyofinnovation.us
  • slidedreck.com
  • space-u.org
  • spaceportgeorgia.com
  • spaceportgeorgia.net
  • spaceportgeorgia.org
  • startupdiamond.com
  • technologysquareclub.com
  • thespace.university
  • thespaceu.com
  • tripropellant.com
  • tucsonspace.biz
  • tucsonspace.online
  • ua-innovation.org
  • uainnovation.org

(Yes, I thought Carly Fiorina had a shot at being someone’s VP in 2016. Turns out to have been a bad bet.)

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these; otherwise, I’ll just let them expire.

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  • Source: http://academicvc.com/2020/04/23/surplus-domains-available/

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