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[Sources] Here’s the 2023 Immortals Academy Roster


While so many people are waiting to see what moves the main LCS teams will make, it is their Academy teams that make moves that determine the LCS’ future. Some of the next jojopyuns, Dannys, Spicas and more have to make their way through Academy to be the next LCS stars. Who will be these potentially next great stars? Well here is the likely 2023 Immortals Academy Roster with players who they believe could help them now and in the future.

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The path to the LCS has gone through significant changes heading into the 2023 season. The new North American Challengers League will look very similar to the new VALORANT Franchising format. There are the 10 LCS Academy teams and then six Provisional Teams or more specifically, former Amateur teams. The 10 Academy teams will be permanent while the six Provisional Teams have to fight to keep their spots.

Listed below is how the season will go with a Promotional Tournament twice a year.

Below is the team that Immortals will be sending through that gauntlet.

Top: ADD

Jung: Chad

Mid: Bolulu

Bot: Wixxi

Sup: Joey

Starting in the top lane comes ADD who is known for starting for Bilibili Gaming and being a sub for Suning in the LPL. Since then he as fought his way through LATAM and is looking for a fresh start in the LCS. Chad and Joey stay on from the 2022 roster as some of the only pieces to stay with their original LCS Academy team. Bolulu makes his way over from Turkey after being one of the most storied mid laners from the region. Lastly, Wixxi gets another shot in Academy and is still considered to be one of the strongest bot lane prospects in the region.

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