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Samsung Opens First Metaverse Store in Decentraland

Samsung Opens First Metaverse Store in Decentraland

Samsung announces the launch and opening of it’s first Metaverse virtual store. The virtual store to be an exact replica

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Samsung Opens First Metaverse Store in Decentraland

  • Samsung announces the launch and opening of it’s first Metaverse virtual store.
  • The virtual store to be an exact replica of a live store in Manhattan, New York.
  • Samsung terms that this is the future to establish a solid relationship with the customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The megacorporation, Samsung is profusely indulging itself in a look to sustain itself towards the future. Apart from their profuse research and developments with their products, the electronic giant now takes on the path of utilizing the blockchain technology and as much as attributes of it. 

In such an attempt, in the present era of the Metaverse technology, Samsung enters into it. Accordingly, Samsung officially announces the opening of it’s virtual metaverse store in Decentraland. 

Samsung’s Metaverse Store in Decentraland

On January 6, 2022, Samsung officially announced the launch of it’s first virtual metaverse store. This virtual metaverse based store will be found in the Decentraland, mainland. In a bid to proceed with the metaverse technology, Samsung launches its project upon Decentraland. 

Decentraland operates to be the largest 3 dimensional virtual  world platform, which operates upon the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. All the lands, and much more of Decentraland, are being sold out as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The buying and selling of these is all through the native token of Decentraland, the MANA. 

In addition to all this, the virtual store of Samsung will be opened in Decentraland, from January 6, 2022. This particular store is an exact replica of the live store situated in 837 Washington Street, of Manhattan, New York state.

Utilities of the Store

One of the major highlights of this store is that Samsung boasts that the store land is the largest owned by any brand ever in Decentraland. However, this store will be available only for a limited period of one month approximately. 

For the users to experience the Samsung store in Decentraland, users have to log into the Decentraland. Once in, the user’s virtual avatar will be immediately positioned outside the Samsung store in Decentraland. 

Once the user enters inside, a virtual guide will escort the user to three different department rooms within the store. These three are Customization, where one could experience musical events upon the stage, the Connectivity theater and the Sustainability Forest. 

This is the third progressive attempt into the blockchain and crypto world by Samsung. The first being a completely new smart TVs with enhanced NFTs specifically for it. Second, is the nature sustainability project of planting 2 million trees with Veritree through blockchain technology. 

Seems, Samsung has been planning way ahead throughout 2021, with a list of launches in order to captivate the market in 2022.

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The post has appeared first on

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