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Robert Kennedy Jr. Says Bitcoin ISN’T Hurting the Planet | Live Bitcoin News


Democratic presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. has serious issues with the idea that bitcoin is causing harm to the world’s oceans and environment.

Robert Kennedy Dismisses Environmental Concerns Regarding BTC

Bitcoin – especially bitcoin mining – has been the subject of several environmentalists’ wrath over the past few years. There have been many reports claiming that crypto mining is doing irreparable harm to the planet and the process uses more energy than most developing nations.

Also, these kinds of claims have garnered support from big-name players like Elon Musk, the South African billionaire behind successful companies such as Tesla and SpaceX. It wasn’t long ago when Musk announced that bitcoin fans could use their assets to purchase Tesla vehicles, though this decision was rescinded shortly after given Musk suddenly became afraid of the hazards presented by mining.

He said the only way he would permit Tesla-buying through bitcoin was if miners were transparent about their energy sources and chose to go green. Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” fame also said he would no longer buy bitcoin mined in China given he was concerned about the nation’s lack of environmental concerns and protocols.

There have been many claims that bitcoin is causing Mother Earth to shrink back, but Robert Kennedy isn’t falling for these age-old arguments. He stated on Twitter:

At the very least, environmental argument should not be used as [a] smokescreen to curtail freedom to transact.

He has commented that many of these arguments are coming from those who are simply anti-bitcoin and anti-trading, and they are using alleged environmental concerns to get in the way and try to prevent people from taking advantage of bitcoin’s many benefits.

Since he first announced his intentions to enter the presidential race, Kennedy has made it clear that he’s a huge bitcoin fan, and he has a lot of neat and interesting ideas when it comes to crypto. For example, he recently made it clear that he wants to do away with all capital gains taxes for bitcoin transactions below a certain threshold.

He’s also stated that he wants to back up the U.S. dollar with commodities like bitcoin and gold. He believes this is the prime way to do away with inflation and the recent interest rate hikes in the United States that have caused many people to be shut out of things like home ownership and the American dream.

Preparing the Family

He’s also a bitcoin investor himself and recently said that he purchased as many as 14 individual bitcoin units for his seven children (each of them received two BTC). He said confidently on social media:

Right after the bitcoin conference, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and bought two bitcoins for each of my seven children.


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