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Revolutionizing Blockchain: Sui’s Mysticeti Protocol Sets New Benchmark for Transaction Speed and Efficiency


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Sui Establishes Benchmark for Blockchain Transaction Speed – Technology Startups


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, May 21, 2024, Chainwire

Scheduled for Mainnet release this summer, Sui's innovative Mysticeti protocol reduces consensus delays to just 390 milliseconds. Sui, a groundbreaking Layer 1 blockchain known for its top-tier performance and limitless horizontal scaling, revealed the successful implementation of Mysticeti on its Testnet today. This major advancement lowers the consensus duration on Sui’s public Testnet by 80%, achieving a time of 390 milliseconds, all while preserving the protocol’s leading throughput. This remarkable achievement establishes Sui as the fastest consensus layer in the field.

Emerging from extensive studies on Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) consensus protocols, Mysticeti marks a major leap forward from the Narwhal-Bullshark algorithms that Sui introduced to its Mainnet a year prior. This development has led to remarkable transaction speeds and lowered CPU usage for validators. Consequently, Sui's outstanding low latency capabilities are now applicable to every transaction type within the network.

Sui's distinct object-oriented framework allows the network to handle transactions in a way that varies according to the transaction type and the objects involved. On the Sui platform, transactions that deal only with "owned objects," such as direct transfers between users, bypass the need for consensus and instead utilize a rapid execution path, resulting in faster completion times. Conversely, transactions that involve a common shared object, such as those found in marketplaces, auctions, or cooperative gaming assets, necessitate consensus. Traditionally, this requirement led to increased processing delays. However, Mysticeti addresses this issue by handling shared object transactions with a refined version of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus. Mysticeti's design minimizes inter-validator communication and maximizes the use of network bandwidth, thereby sustaining high transaction throughput.

"Mysticeti marks a significant advancement, not only for Sui but for blockchain technology overall," stated George Danezis, Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Mysten Labs, the creators of the Sui Network and leaders in global BFT consensus research. "It minimizes consensus latency to what we believe are its absolute lower limits while maintaining high capacity and low computational costs. Additionally, it enables transaction processing to outpace consensus within the same protocol, a distinctive feature of Sui. Mysticeti exemplifies how Sui continues to expand the possibilities of blockchain technology."

The outcomes observed on the Testnet have been outstanding, showing that transactions can be committed with 80% less delay than with Narwhal. Mysticeti's improvements greatly simplify the system and enhance resource efficiency, enabling the Sui network to process tens of thousands of transactions per second with latencies of under one second.

These developments are essential for Sui as it solidifies its leading role in blockchain performance and scalability, ensuring a smooth experience for both developers and users on a large scale.

"The launch of Mysticeti marks the culmination of a fruitful partnership among our research team, engineers, and the validator community," stated Dmitri Perelman, who leads the engineering department at Mysten Labs. "Our experience in developing and refining earlier consensus models in real-world settings gave the researchers the insights and motivation needed to create the new protocol. Once the initial Mysticeti prototype proved its exceptional performance capabilities, the engineering team eagerly embraced it. Now, with the backing of validators, we are set to deploy this next-generation consensus to the Mainnet within a few months."

Kevin Nelson, the Co-Founder of Aftermath Finance, expressed his enthusiasm by stating, "Mysten's Mysticeti has demonstrated that a DAG-based architecture can exceed current standards in both consensus throughput and, crucially, latency. At Aftermath, we are thrilled to see Mysticeti launch on the testnet and are even more eager for its release on the Mainnet, where our users can experience it firsthand. Additionally, we anticipate utilizing Mysticeti’s innovative design to enhance the overall experience on Aftermath."

Greg Siourounis, the Managing Director of the Sui Foundation, emphasized that Sui's appeal to developers has always been rooted in its low latency and rapid transaction speeds. With the introduction of Mysticeti, the experience for developers has significantly improved. This advancement highlights Sui's continuous dedication to innovation, opening up new opportunities for creating diverse and high-quality decentralized applications on the platform.

The recently released paper, "Mysticeti: Low-Latency DAG Consensus with Fast Commit Path," outlines the major breakthroughs of Mysticeti, demonstrating its scalability. This publication is now open for examination.

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