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‘Resident Evil 4’ VR Mode Coming to PSVR 2 This Winter


During PlayStation’s State of Play gaming showcase, the company showed off some new footage of the official PSVR 2 mode of Resident Evil 4 (2023) remake. Coming as free DLC, the game’s VR mode is now set arrive sometime this winter.

Update (September 15th, 2023): Capcom announced that the PSVR 2 mode for Resident Evil 4 remake is coming this winter. There’s no specific date yet, although the free DLC’s winter launch window could mean we’ll actually see it in early 2024 since the company might otherwise have announced it as holiday 2023. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you posted.

The studio also announced The Separate Ways DLC is coming September 21st, which follows the story of Ada Wong, who during the main game enigmatically appears and disappears throughout, and the addition of Wong and Albert Wesker to The Mercenaries DLC. The original article announcing the VR mode’s first gameplay trailer follows below:

Original Article (May 24th, 2023): There’s no news on when to expect the game’s VR mode, which has been previously confirmed to arrive as a free DLC upgrade.

Just as we expected with the inclusion of PSVR 2’s more advanced motion controllers, in a PS blogpost the creators say you’ll be able to swing around the game’s iconic knife and wield Leon’s powerful and varied arsenal with an immersive and authentic feel.

Resident Evil 4’s VR mode is still in development, the studio says, so we’ll be waiting on more info and official release date.

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