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Quantum Machines’ processor-based approach for quantum control – Physics World


Quantum Machines introduce the new OPX1000 platform – implementing quantum error correction at scale

This short video – filmed at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society in Minneapolis earlier in the year – features Itamar Sivan, chief executive and co-founder of Quantum Machines (QM). In the video, he introduces explains how QM makes the control electronics parts of quantum computers – that is, the classical hardware that drives quantum processors.

Yonatan Cohen, chief technology officer and fellow co-founder, then outlines the firm’s evolution to a processor-based approach for quantum control. As a result, QM has a unique processor that generates all the signals that communicate with it, allowing the firm to build more scalable architectures while maintaining high performance.

Cohen explains that the key for QM technology is to implement quantum error correction at scale – which is where the firm’s OPX1000 platform comes in. It is a scaled-up system with very high channel density, which means it can control many qubits with a relatively small system – making it, the firm says, the most scalable control system on the market.

Cohen also discusses the importance to QM of hiring staff who combine an expert knowledge with a passion for the technology and explainshow partnerships help QM maintain a competitive edge in the market. One such tie-up, with NVIDIA, allowed QM to create a link between its control system and the NVIDIA GPU-CPU platform – bringing more computing power to the heart of the quantum computer.

Sivan believes that after installation of the QM tech, within a couple of days, the customer can realize all the experiments that they had conceived.


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