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Put crypto on autopilot with Delta Exchange’s Robo Trading

Robo TradingWhile crypto trading may be extremely profitable, it can also be emotionally and physically draining at times. Because crypto exchanges …

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Robo Trading

While crypto trading may be extremely profitable, it can also be emotionally and physically draining at times. Because crypto exchanges are open 24 hours a day, you’ll need to keep an eye on the markets regularly to avoid missing out on major price movements. This might typically leave you with little time for other things in your life. Crypto markets are also incredibly volatile, making human cryptocurrency trading less effective. Wishing your computer did the work for you while you took a break? That’s exactly what crypto trading bots are for.

With the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies, several new exchanges that offer innovative crypto products have come up. And Delta Exchange is one among them. You can now set your crypto on autopilot with Delta Exchange and wait for the robo trading strategies on Delta to perform their magic. Excited about the prospects of making big profits without having to toil day and night? Here’s everything you need to know about Robo Trading and the various Robo Trading strategies available on Delta Exchange.

What is Robo Trading?

Robo Trading generally refers to the use of crypto trading bots to make trading more efficient. Essentially, crypto trading bots are computer programs that purchase and sell multiple cryptocurrencies at the appropriate times to make profits. Traders can use them to execute transactions automatically whenever specified criteria are satisfied. Different types of information, such as price levels, volatility levels, market activity, and so on, are often taken into consideration by bots. As a result, traders may execute the deal in the most efficient manner possible.

Trading bots, in essence, simplify the process of investing and make crypto trading more accessible to the general public, particularly beginners. Robo Trading has various advantages, including greater speed, capacity, and efficiency, as well as the fact that, unlike humans, bots are emotionless and will always do what is statistically more likely to win.

Robo Trading with Delta Exchange

Here are the various Robo Trading strategies available on Delta Exchange.

  1. Top 20 momentum

The Top 20 momentum strategy looks at the top 20 cryptos by market cap and invests in them. This strategy anticipates strong performance in a volatile market and can handle up to 2x gross leverage.

  1. Top 2 momentum

The Top 2 momentum strategy only trades in the top 2 cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  1. DeFi momentum

Like the previous momentum strategies, this one also trades only in top DeFi assets based on their market cap. The strategy also takes long or short directional bets based on price momentum.

  1. BTC momentum

This strategy exclusively trades in BTC inverse perpetuals.

  1. ALT BTC momentum

The ALTBTC momentum strategy trades top altcoin pairs with the goal of increasing the holding period for profitable transactions while reducing it for losing transactions. With a maximum gross leverage of 3x, this strategy is likely to perform well in a volatile and moving market.

  1. Large cap AMM

The large cap AMM strategy makes gains by collecting the premium that liquidity seekers are willing to pay above the fair price.


This strategy supplies bids and offers to order books on Delta’s BTCUSD inverse contracts.

  1. Cash future arbitrage

The Cash Future Arbitrage strategy earns profits from the premium in Bitcoin and Ethereum futures over their spot market pricing. In a market-neutral arrangement, it can also make money by trading perpetuals and spot pairs.

  1. Delta Neutral Options Selling

This strategy sells weekly BTC 20 delta put and call options, while simultaneously buying ATM put options.

Advantages of choosing Delta Exchange

When it comes to crypto trading, Delta Exchange, the world’s top crypto derivatives exchange, is your best option. Delta sets the bar high for all other crypto exchanges by offering innovative products such as futures, options, and interest rate swaps, as well as delivering investors huge returns on their holdings using Robo Trading and other Yield Farming strategies. The Robo Trading strategies on Delta Exchange are particularly useful since they allow traders to keep a constant check on price movements and reduce losses caused by impulsive decisions.

To learn more about Robo Trading on Delta Exchange click here. You may also visit the official website to discover more about Delta.

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