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Premia Blue Introduces Unique DeFi Options Trading on Arbitrum


Premia Blue Introduces Unique DeFi Options Trading on Arbitrum

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In a bid to introduce a new era of defi trading, Premia Blue has launched as the first-ever DeFi options exchange on Arbitrum, a leading Layer 2 blockchain ecosystem.

Premia Blue’s DeFi options exchange opens up a world of possibilities for traders and liquidity providers, offering fully customizable European-style crypto options with market-driven pricing. Notably, what sets Premia Blue apart is its dual trading modes—AMM (Automated Market Maker) and Orderbook—which allow users to choose their preferred trading method while still enjoying the benefits of composability, a rare feat in the DeFi world.

Premia Blue Rolls Out Unique Features

One of the key innovations of Premia Blue is its ability to provide liquidity providers with a fully customizable risk profile. Liquidity providers can open pools on any ERC-20 token without the need for permission, maximizing their capital utilization. The platform’s unique features, such as Smart Range Orders and Concentrated Liquidity, empower liquidity providers to optimize their capital and explore potential passive yield opportunities through one-click Strategy Vaults.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader, a market-maker, or a liquidity provider, Premia Blue’s robust feature set empowers you to optimize your strategies and seamlessly earn potential yields. Furthermore, the platform has exciting developments in the pipeline, including margin trading, spreads, and lending products, which promise to expand the range of possibilities for its users.

Premia Blue’s hybrid approach, combining cost-efficiency with novel DeFi primitives and transparency, makes it a one-of-a-kind DeFi options trading platform. The platform’s commitment to minimizing costs while maximizing accessibility sets it apart from the competition, ensuring that traders and liquidity providers can access a DeFi options exchange that caters to their unique needs.

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Premia Blue’s approach is a game-changer in contrast to previous DeFi options protocols, which often featured vault-style designs. Premia Blue offers a composable and fully on-chain solution by merging an order book, algorithmic strategies, and an AMM. The on-chain order book, available at no cost to users on Arbitrum Nova, guarantees that orders are not censored or front-run, providing transparency and security previously elusive in the DeFi options space.

Premia Blue also introduces multiple new sources of liquidity, including an RFQ network and Concentrated Liquidity Pools. These sources are seamlessly integrated into a decentralized limit-order book, resulting in fully market-driven pricing and multiple competitive price quotes for traders.

Premia Blue Unveils Exciting Reward Program 

As part of a special promotion, early users of Premia Blue can receive an enticing offer: 50% of protocol commissions back on referrals during the initial month. This initiative rewards individual advocates and platform developers, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

Premia Blue’s Exclusive Referral Initiative is a testament to the platform’s commitment to its community. Users are encouraged to join this initiative, where they can benefit from substantial rewards by referring others to the platform. With a focus on rewarding experiences, this initiative caters to a wide range of users, from individual traders to platform developers.


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