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Pool 3 Discard Decks to Use In Marvel Snap


Throughout the Savage Land season, Marvel Snap players will run into weekly challenges that will help them progress through the Season Pass. Some challenges make players reach a certain power at a location, while others test players to see if they can win with just one or two cards. This week players are tasked to discard a certain amount of cards in order to achieve their goal. While players may know which decks they will want to play, most won’t have the right cards thanks to the random nature of Collector Caches. Luckily there are a couple of Pool 3 Discard decks that players can sleeve up to complete the weekly mission.

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Fatty Discard

Deck List: Blade, Colleen Wing, Morbius, Gambit, Sword Master, Lady Sif, Swarm, Hell Cow Apocalypse, Hela, The Infinaut, Giganto

The good old classic discard list. This no-frills list does exactly what players want when it comes to a discard deck. Plenty of the support cards care about discarding something, and gain benefits from doing so. Morbius and Sword Master are great low cost cards that bring a ton of power to a location. These two cards can usually help lock down a lane and allow you to focus elsewhere. Blade, Lady Sif, and Gambit are your other three big discard engines.

Towards the end of the game, start thinking about how much value you will get when you slam down Hela on turn six. Discarding either Giganto or The Infinaut allows you to have a massive spike in power somewhere on the board. If you don’t find Hela, or you just had some pretty awful discard luck, Apocalypse is always there as the back up plan. The good news with this list is that the support cards have some solid power to them. They can do a lot of the heavy lifting to allow the to-end cards to slam the door shut.

Agatha All Along

Deck List: Blade, Psylocke, Wave, Lady Sif, Jubilee, Ghost Rider, She-Hulk, Agatha Harkness, Hela, Hulk, The Infinaut, Giganto

Now just to be clear, this is more of a “joke” deck than anything else. Agatha Harkness is a really tough card to utilize. She plays the cards for you, preventing you from playing cards correctly. She will actually make the wrong play more often than not. While it does lead to some hilarious outcomes, it’s not really conducive to gaining cubes.

Agatha no!

However the fun part of this deck is the ability to play massive cards for free. Jubilee and Wave are the two cards that make this deck even possible. Lady Sif is here to discard Agatha ASAP and allow you to gain control over your own deck. Though Agatha isn’t truly gone, we have Hela to bring her back so you can actually use that 14 power of hers. Giganto and The Infinaut make another appearance in this list because they are some of the best Jubilee hits in the game.

Four Cost Discard

Deck List: Sunspot, Psylocke, Scorpion, Zabu, Lady Sif, Dracula, Ghost Rider, Hell Cow Jubilee, Giganto, The Infinaut, America Chavez

On it’s release, everyone knew that Zabu was a busted card. Discounting cards by two energy is insane value, and players immediately wanted to find a way to get the best deck possible. While not everyone has the cards to use the Spider-Man/Absorbing Man combo, there will be people who can use the synergy between Dracula and Ghost Rider.

Both of these cards are cheaper thanks to Zabu, allowing players to get them out early and often. Ghost Rider and Dracula work so well together because they both interact well with massive discarded cards. Lady Sif is here to help get rid of at least one big idiot in your hand. Dracula grows at the very end of the game, allowing it to dodge Shang-Chi.

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