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Pokémon Masters EX Infamous Pokéstar Villains Event


Trainers, a new event has started on the island of Pasio. Everyone who enjoyed Generation 5 remembers Pokéstar Studios. Well, they’re about to get a blast from the past. This piece will go over some of the key details of the Pokémon Masters Infamous Villains event.

Make Way for Brycen-Man and Bellelba

Starting April 30, players will be able to take part in the Infamous Villains Event. This event will have a story and two scoutable pairs: Brycen-Man and his partner Zoroark and Sabrina as Bellelba, with a partner Swoobat. There is a story portion where players can battle NPCs and earn gems.

This event is a good source of gems and adds more dimension to everyone’s favorite characters.

These are the sync pairs that have their performance boosted during the event story:



Sygna Suit Diantha




Any sync pair with the Unova and Psychic theme skills will also benefit from the boosts. Though Serebii and even the official Masters site doesn’t give much summary of the event’s plot, the premise is Brycen-Man looking for a fellow villain to take his spot as a star.


This is all the main information on the Pokémon Masters Infamous Villains event. This is a fun addition to the game after the Legends Arceus characters and Rika. Hopefully, after Indigo Disk, this is a welcomed Gen 5 treat. Having Brycen-Man and Brycen on the same team sounds trippy too.

Players should stock up those gems and scout away until these two villains join to terrorize their rosters.

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