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Pokémon GO May Events


Trainers, May will be a month full of events and adventures for those deeply committed to the grind. Many events will be taking place throughout the entire month. In this piece, readers will find out all about certain Pokémon GO events during the month of May.

Keep in mind, trainers, this information comes from Serebii. This means that while it’s legit, it may not be very detailed. There will be other pieces exploring these events in detail. For now, players can get a headline view of what will happen.

Stakataka and Blacephalon Enter

During this month, the last two Ultra Beasts will be added to the game. They will be in raids from May 23June 1, 2024. Blacephalon will be available for players in the Western Hemisphere. Stakataka will be available in the Eastern Hemisphere. Mega Pidgeot will also be in raids at that time.

This will also coincide with the Ultra Space Wonders event. More details will be announced closer to the event time.

Legendary Pokémon Raids

Tapu Fini and Regirock will also be available to take on as raid bosses. Tapu Fini will be available from May 2May 16. It will know Nature’s Madness. Regirock will be in Raids from May 16 through May 23.

Shadow Suicune will also be available as a raid boss throughout the month. Mega raids will also be accompanying these events. Mega Alakazam and Mega Gyarados will be available during these two events specifically.

Other Miscellaneous May Events

The remaining events are as follows:

Flock Together Research DayMay 11
Catching WondersMay 14May 19
Ultra Space WondersMay 23May 28
Incense DayMay 26

More details will be posted as the dates for these events draw closer.


These are all of the Pokémon GO May events. Players now have everything they need to set up their calendars ahead of time. May will start strong off the coattails of an already strong April. Keep that momentum going, trainers. Good luck.

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