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PlayStation and Activision Veterans to Launch Survival MMORPG on ImmutableX


ImmutableX is home to some of the most prolific Web3 games in the industry, including Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, Undead Blocks, and more. The platform recently hosted the debut of another MMORPG launch, Seach for Animera

ImmutableX’s suite of tools garners a lot of attention from most upcoming Web3 gaming and metaverse startups. Last year, the platform bagged a landmark partnership with mainstream company GameStop

Resurgence from Emergent Games is the latest partner to be welcomed into the ImmutableX ecosystem. Veterans from the traditional gaming sphere were involved in the project’s foundation.

Its chairperson, Simon Rutter, has previously served as the EVP of Sony PlayStation. Additionally, CCO Russ Harding has nearly a decade’s experience as the Game Director for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. 

The studio is also home to over 60 developers with extensive experience working on blockbuster franchises, including FIFA, NBA Online, The Sims, Need For Speed, and more. 

Ian Hambleton, CEO at Emergent Games, shared,

 "We spent a huge amount of time assessing options for our Blockchain partner, but ImmutableX was the standout choice. They provide all the tools and technology. Plus, the support that a successful web3 games developer needs. Their razor focus on gaming makes a big difference for us and their commercial model suits our vision at Emergent Entertainment of Game First high-quality AAA games, frictionless onboarding, and hidden technology. We expect them to dominate web3 gaming."

Like many Web3 games, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players can explore the open world, craft and collect resources, and ultimately survive against harsh conditions. Resurgence reportedly sold out their Gen0 Cryotag NFT drop last year and has announced plans to release other digital collectibles this year. 

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, added,

 "With over four centuries combined experience of building and publishing AAA games, the team at Emergent is uniquely positioned to bring a new level of quality to web3 gaming. We're thrilled to welcome Resurgence to the IMX ecosystem to deliver a compelling and uncompromising user experience."

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