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Persona 4 Golden Kanji Social Link Guide


With the launch of Persona 4 Golden, new players will stumble upon Kanji Tatsumi, the Emperor Confidant. If players wish to progress their relationship with him, this Persona 4 Golden Kanji Social Link Guide will help do just that.

In order to start the link with Kanji, players can talk to him on 6/9. First, talk to the girl in front of the school stairs and then talk to Kanji. At max rank, players can summon the persona Odin, and Kanji will unlock Rokuten Maoh.


  • Monday – X
  • Tuesday – X
  • Wednesday – O
  • Thursday – O
  • Friday – X
  • Saturday – O
  • Sunday – O
  • Rainy Days – X

Social Link Responses

In order to rank Kanji’s Social Link effectively, gamers will need to converse with him on free days. Here are the correct dialogue options to progress through Kanji’s route.

(Without a matching Persona +2 can be the maximum number of points earned.)

(Friendship Route) Rank 2

Response 1 Apologize to her. +3 You just need to change. +3 That’s what kids do. +2

Rank 3

Response 1 Get ahold of yourself. +0 Let’s hurry. +0 What happened? +0
Response 2 That’s good. +0 I don’t blame you. +0 You wuss. +0
Response 3 Because of his hobbies? +0 Because of his looks? +0 Because of his attitude? +0

Rank 4

Response 1 Plenty. +3 Nothing in particular… +2 I forget. +0
Response 2 Violence isn’t the answer. +3 I’ll go with you. +3 N/A
Response 3 Too bad that you didn’t find it. +0 That was boring. +0 You’re giving him a new one? +3

Rank 5

Response 1 Just tell him the truth. +0 This old man here made it. +0
Response 2 It was pretty amazing. +3 Don’t get cocky. +2

Rank 6

Response 1 It’s good for you. +0 You’re not happy? +0 Looks like a pain… +0

Rank 7

Response 1 Don’t call me bro. +3 Yeah, go ahead. +3 I want to learn, too. +3
Response 2 Your weak heart. +0 Your past. +0 I’m drawing a blank. +0

Rank 8

Response 1 On what charges? +0 Kanji didn’t do anything. +3 You got a warrant? +3
Response 2 It’s a misunderstanding. +0 He was just being nice. +0 N/A
Response 3 Believe it! +3 The truth is the truth. +2 Tell him, Kanji? +3

Rank 9

Response 1 Tell him? +2 Why didn’t you go before? +3 How was it? +3
Response 2 Good for you. +3 Find more of them? +3 Your ‘own self’? +0

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