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Perp Games Announce PSVR 2 Showcase Next Week, Promises New Reveals


Publisher Perp Games will air a PSVR 2 showcase next week, which promises new announcements and several surprises.

Perp Games is best known for producing physical versions of PSVR games, such as Moss, Vader Immortal and more. With PSVR 2 releasing next month, it’s little surprise to see them moving onto Sony’s new headset. Hosted by PSVR without Parole through IGN, Perp’s promising “new announcements and a few surprises” during this showcase, and that goes live on January 30 at 10am PT / 6pm UTC.

So far, Perp has made several of its upcoming games known. At the time of writing, the official website lists five upcoming PSVR 2 titles with varying release dates, which are:

There’s a chance Perp could announce further PSVR 2 ports of previously published PSVR games too, or physical versions of existing games. There’s an extensive list of games Perp previously published physical releases for on PSVR including Arashi Castle of Sins, Budget Cuts, Fruit Ninja VR, Ghost Giant, Moss, The Walking Dead: Onslaught, Sairento VR, Wanderer, and Windlands 2. We’ll keep you updated once we learn more.


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