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Pantera Fund Bought Nearly $50 Million Bitcoin


The Pantera Bitcoin Feeder Fund, a private placement vehicle in the Cayman Islands that feeds into the bitcoin tracking Pantera Bitcoin Fund, raised $46 million according to a filing.

They now have $68.49 million in the investment fund, up from $18 million a year ago, with Pantera currently having $3.8 billion in assets under management overall.

Matthew Gorham, the Chief Operating Officer, said the funds were raised from 162 investors, up from 56 a year ago.

The Pantera Bitcoin Fund itself bought $140 million worth of bitcoin in November with it having a management fee of just 0.75%.

They have been operating since 2013, making them one of the first bitcoin fund to enter this space.

They’re also one of very few funds that seem to be growing amid a year long bear market that some speculate might be coming to an end.


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