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NuGenesis Dubai companies help establish crypto partnerships in Dubai, New Crypto Haven


Major Blockchain Ecosystem, NuGenesis, Announces Dubai Headquarters

After much deliberation, NuGenesis has announced Dubai as the new location for its NuGenesis global headquarters. For the past several months, NuGenesis executives have been meeting with government officials in the Middle East and other key stakeholders in various web3 markets.

NuGenesis has secured office space in the state-of-the-art Almas Tower. It has established partnerships with two leading advisory firms to assist in founding its major crypto currency projects in the Emirate.

While many countries have proposed banning the use of cryptocurrencies, Dubai has taken a different approach. Dubai has strategically positioned itself as an industry leader for the next wave of technological innovation by developing a comprehensive regulatory framework for blockchain and digital assets.

Dubai provides overwhelming tax advantages. But more importantly, Dubai has implemented an advanced regulatory framework to encourage web3 entrepreneurs and others in the crypto space to set up exchanges while also laying out rules to protect customers.

The hurdle to corporate success in the web3 world has always been government regulation. For-profit organisations, financial institutions, and private investors need regulatory clarity in order to operate.

The jurisdiction is now divided between the mainland (traditionally regulated) and free zones. Free zones are specific geographic regions with relaxed taxation requirements and regulatory frameworks. Free zones issue special licenses, such as those issued to NuGenesis.

NuGenesis has established very strong middle east foundations, which has already proved advantageous. The NuGenesis Team is working with Middle Eastern governments concerning infrastructure asset investment and remittance to create a strong, compliant, cryptocurrency organisation.

The Almas Tower where NuGenesis has secured office space for its new company headquarters is situated in a free zone. Securing space in the state-of-the-art Almas Tower is very exciting.

As a hub for the development and application of crypto and blockchain technologies, the Almas Tower offers a home to all types and sizes of crypto businesses, from companies developing blockchain-enabled trading platforms, to firms offering, issuing, listing, and trading crypto assets. Most notably, it houses the DMCC Crypto Centre.

The DMCC Crypto Centre provides certainty to creators and investors alike. The DMCC, like NuGenesis, works with regulators to create and modify policies and legislation to reflect the dynamic industry environment. Many regulators have painted cryptocurrency in a negative light, especially crypto exchanges — but not Dubai.

Instead, the Dubai government has welcomed crypto and blockchain-based developments, providing a framework for crypto trading as well. It means that businesses located in the free zones are insulated from ever-changing industry regulations. It means that NuGenesis can focus on the things that really matter — user experience and blockchain development.

The NuGenesis Team hopes to establish its headquarters in the Almas Tower by end of 2022. It is a very exciting future for NuGenesis, and Dubai, as NuGenesis is expected to be a leading force in global crypto markets.

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