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Nota AI Launches Beta Testing for NetsPresso Model Search, a…


Marktechpost has recently learned about Nota AI, a South Korea-based AI optimization technology startup, that is launching its latest AI model optimization tool, ‘Model Search’ on April 20, 2022. Model Search will be released under their flagship product NetsPresso.

Founded in 2015, Nota.AI is an emerging leader in the AI space that provides hardware-aware AI optimization and Edge AI solutions that aids model development. It provides an end-to-end framework for developing near-production-level edge AI models, cutting model development time to weeks rather than months.

An assortment of AI models is being created by a variety of industries. However, these take a lot of time and resources. AI model optimization techniques are more critical since high-performance AI models are in demand, and most AI models are too huge for edge devices to maintain. With its technology for optimizing AI models and edge device AI solutions, Nota AI is bridging this gap.

Nota’s NetsPresso is a unique hardware-aware AI optimization platform for lightweight AI models that streamlines the development process. NetsPresso saves time and resources needed to create an AI model while optimizing it for the target device. It is currently in the beta testing stage. Nota’s unique technology has been acknowledged by many businesses like Nvidia as Nvidia’s success story and by Arm as Arm’s AI case study.

To make the model optimization process more efficient, NetsPresso includes the following modules.

  • Nota is releasing the beta version of ‘Model Search‘, a hardware-aware AutoML tool for ahead-of-the-curve developers and engineers, on April 20th. This module automatically finds the optimum model for a target device with only the input of a dataset. It is a no-code and easy-to-use module where one can choose a model according to the purpose, such as accuracy, latency, and trade-off. It develops close to production-ready models in significantly less time.
  • Nota introduced the beta version of ‘Compression Toolkit‘ in late 2021 for expert deep learning engineers and AI developers to optimize their AI models. It is a ready-to-use toolkit that supports all CNN models. With this toolbox, users may easily configure what and how to compress, or they can rely on the Compression Toolkit to produce an appropriate design and do the task in seconds.
  • The company is also planning to introduce its third module, ‘Model Packaging,’ in July. The module enables engineers to accelerate and deploy a model on the hardware of their choice in seconds.

Nota AI’s CEO, Myungsu Chae shared, “Our aim has always been to bring the benefits of AI to everyone, everywhere by democratizing its use across industries and applications. To enable this, AI models need to be optimized significantly and effectively so that they can be run on low-spec devices whilst maintaining very high accuracy and low latency. The core modules of NetsPresso each empower AI developers and ML engineers of different levels of expertise to develop an AI model for their target hardware device under significantly reduced period of time. This empowerment saves time, effort, and costs for all counterparts involved and consequently helps the democratization of AI.”

Find more information on Nota AI’s proprietary hardware-aware AI optimization platform, NetsPresso, and its modules which are in beta testing and recruiting testers Model Search and Compression Toolkit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the NetsPresso team at netspresso@nota.ai.

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  • Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/4/prweb18626030.htm

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