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MW2 Travis-Rilea Potential Fixes


All Call Of Duty titles has always run into some sort of bugs or glitches affecting gameplay. One of the problems this year in Modern Warfare 2 has been the MW2 Travis-Rilea error. Here are some potential fixes in order to send this error back to the Gulag.


The origin of the Travis-Rilea error comes from an issue with internet connectivity. This could be because the Modern Warfare 2 Servers could be down. The other reason could be the Internet Nat type is set to strict. Here are some solutions that could alleviate any stress gamers could have trying to fix the problem:

Check The Modern Warfare 2 Servers – While it’s a simple solution, it does make the situation better knowing it’s the game service at fault rather than the home internet. If the MW2 servers are operational for the desired platform, then the home internet is having difficulties reaching the servers.

The Router – With the servers functional the next best step is to unplug the internet router for 2 minutes. A full reboot can potentially fix Internet connection problems, improve slow-moving connections, and can resolve wireless issues.

Full Restart – In addition to doing a full restart of the router it’s best to do a full restart of the console as well. If on PC restart the client.

Call Activison -If none of these solutions work it’s time to throw in the towel and contact Activision Customer Support. If none of the solutions work there may be something wrong with the Activision account. Only Activision will have viable solutions from here on out.

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