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MW2 Season 2 Multiplayer Changes


While players anxiously wait for Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 the folks over at Infinity Ward gave gamers a sneak peek of what to expect once the update drops. Included were the MW2 Season 2 Multiplayer changes.

Multiplayer Changes

  • Occlusion back online
  • Reduced bonus perk cost by 50% and ultimate by 25%
  • Hardcore mode is returning
  • Valentine Playlist
  • Ranked Play incoming

Not just Multiplayer, but other modes and features will be receiving changes as well.

Battle Royal Changes

  • 1v1 Gulag will be returning
  • The domination-style flag control point will be the new overtime mechanic instead of the Jailer.
  • lowest value cash piles from ground loot increased to $800
  • The lowest value cash from cash registers increased by $500
  • Loot windows/menus will transition to floating loot that will now drop out of all containers in the world
  • Medium/large backpacks will no longer be available
  • Every gamer will have the same Backpack throughout the whole game
  • Introduction of customizable Perk Packages
  • The price of Loadout Drop Markers has been reduced
  • Loadout Drop Markers have unlimited stock at all stations.
  • Second Loadout Drop Public Event added
  • Primary weapons prices reduced
  • The game begins with a 3-Plate Vest. 
  • Can now bust through doors while plating 
  • Increased movement speed while plating
  • Play Again feature in Battle Royale

UI Changes

These UI/UX updates are coming to Season 2 to improve the overall flow of in-game menus. These updates include:

  • Improved navigation and organization of the Camo menu
  • More polished Social tab, including improved channel swapping and player muting
  • New “My Bundles” screen
  • Quick equip items from Battle pass, My Bundles, and Store
  • Reticle previews in Store and Gunsmith
  • Improved clarity of attachment blocking logic in Gunsmith


  • Instance speed of recent players in the menu
  • Status refresh of friends

DMZ Changes

  • Tweaked overall scaling of difficulty in missions as the tiers progress
  • Addressed Crashing issues
  • All New Missions
  • New Exclusion Zone
  • The Faction Mission refresh will provide new missions

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