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MSRise Releases the MSR Falcon Miner Prototype


MSRise officially released the MSR Falcon miner prototype, one of the most energy efficient miner in the world. It is expected that their mining equipment will be at least than 4 times more effectively by the criterion of TH/s per 1 kWh of consumed electrical energy than the best existing samples from Halong Mining, today`s leader in energy efficiency of mining.

MSR Falcon has hashrate 39 TH/s, installed capacity 800 W and relative energy efficiency at a temperature of 25℃ 20.5 J/TH. This is almost a finished product, which passed all the tests and showed the expected performance with an incredibly low energy consumption.

The company director discussed with investors the company’s future plans and a marketing plan. A new site with the terms of investment, the beginning of ICO and the start of sales were announced.

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Negotiations were held with the main partners who will manufacture miners in the quantity necessary for our customers. Mass production of miners will begin very soon, they will be available for purchase to everyone. Now the company is creating a network of service centers that will service equipment.

The main goal of the company is to reduce the overall energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining to reduce the impact on the Earth’s ecology.

Now MSRise provide an ICO and you can support this perspective project following the link to https://msrise.io

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