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MSI Team Profiles: G2 Esports


MSI Team Profiles kick off with a brief look into the champions of Europe – G2 Esports.

G2 Esports qualified to the Mid-Season Invitational off of a historic lower bracket run, going 12-0, sweeping every series to win the championship. While Caps returned to his old self with crowds being allowed in the Berlin LEC studio, the player that impressed me most was top laner BrokenBlade. He was clearly a top 3 player in his role heading into the playoffs but shone bright during the championship run, eliminating his toughest competition in both Wunder and Alphari and proving to the world that he simply is the best top laner in Europe right now. What was most inspiring about BrokenBlade was his ability to play Ornn; the Turkish top laner is very well known for his high-resource carry picks but he surprised many with his unselfish weakside pick. What was even more impressive was his ability to outplay his opponents – he played Ornn as if it was a hyper carry champion!

The legendary mid/jg engine of Caps and Jankos came alive during the final two series of G2’s run; especially by the Grand Finals, where they were in full swing, comboing off of each other to create picks and push their advantage further down Rogue’s throat. Even though BrokenBlade has been simply transcendent in his play, I do not think the top laners from the other three major regions are as bad as Wunder and Alphari; G2 will once again have to rely on their legendary mid/jg duo to be the difference makers in the early game in order to have a chance against the Eastern regions’ teams.

Overall, it is no surprise that G2 are power ranked 3rd as far as my tier list is concerned. If their rookie bot lane can hold out through the early game whilst Caps and Jankos propel the game forward, G2 as a decent chance of maybe beating out RNG and securing another possible MSI Finals berth.

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  • Source: https://blogoflegends.com/2022/05/05/msi-team-profile-g2-esports/

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