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Monster Hunter Now RNG Causes Outrage in Community


Random drops, also referred to as RNG (random number generator), are a key aspect of Monster Hunter games. They have truly been a part of the franchise since practically every generation of the game installments, but this aspect has the mobile Hunters in an outrage. Monster Hunter Now RNG alongside overly grindy systems hinder game progression tremendously in a not so fun way.

Why is this an issue in Monster Hunter Now?

As previously mentioned, RNG has always been a thing. But the issue with Monster Hunter Now RNG is that biomes don’t evolve alongside hunter rank. In essence, the bones, mining outcrops, and plants largely drop the same material regardless of game progression. What results is, materials like Monster Bone M, which are typically incredibly easy finds in the base game, are very rare materials in Monster Hunter Now.

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At the moment, there’s no real way to expedite the process of finding such material.

For material, like Monster Bone M, there’s no real mechanic to increase the drop rate — just hope for good luck and pray to the RNG gods.

“I can agree with People saying the RNG is a bit too heavy,” one Redditor shared online.

“So it took me 8 days, around 5 hours a day(walking my dog) majority of desert biome bonepiles, to get -8- monster bone M for my fire weapon. Fun times,” they shared sarcastically.

Much of the community is in resounding agreement.

For monster drops, players can break specific monster parts to increase drop rates to a certain degree. Though it’s still a grind, the hunter at least has a way of influencing the success rate of the material dropping. The biggest issue regarding breaking a part is that players claim the part broken has little to no correlation with the extra dropped material.

In Conclusion

Hopefully many of the games’ flaws will be addressed soon. Considering Pokemon Go improved drastically since its initial launch, and Capcom is known for providing great support for their Monster Hunter entries, there is hope.

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