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Mintverse, NFTSCAN to Launch ‘Project Verification’ to Highlight Top NFTs



  • Mintverse and NFTSCAN inked a partnership to introduce a project verification campaign.
  • The campaign would help highlight top NFT collections.
  • The Mintverse-NFTSCAN verification process is different from how artists approach OpenSea.

Peer-to-peer NFT marketplace Mintverse and analytics platform NFTSCAN entered a partnership to roll out a verification campaign for all users. This partnership would allow all projects undergoing signature verifications in NFTSCAN to have their ventures verified on Mintverse.

The Mintverse-NFTSCAN verification campaign will amplify NFT collections on Ethereum and BNB. With collections getting verified on both Ethereum and BNB through this project verification portal, the venture will be given more legitimacy on the ecosystem.

In addition, a trading fee rebate will run until June 2022, creating a monetary incentive for projects that entice users to go through the process. The verification procedure will go live in the first half of March this year.

What makes Mintverse and NFTSCAN’s verification process unique?

Unlike how artists and projects approach the OpenSea verification, the Mintverse-NFTSCAN verification process would see submitted information and outline to contain the community size and engagement, team member backgrounds, on-chain statistics, innovation, and sustainability. Moreover, the process goes beyond the overall trading volume, enabling new projects to be featured.

NFTSCAN Founder Shier Han commented on their partnership with Mintverse, saying:

We hope that with Mintverse, we can push more NFT developers to actively participate and use NFTSCAN’s OPEN-API to perform a signature verification, bringing more influence and exposure to their NFT community.

At present, Mintverse has over 9,000 users and surpassed $1 million in trading volume on BNB Chain in less than a month after its launch. Notably, the team plans to establish an upgraded contract that calculates on-chain data for Ethereum transactions.

Noting the partnership project’s potential to improve user experience, Mintverse Founder Rene Cao noted:

The purpose of this campaign is to offer projects with the promise of exponential growth an opportunity to get featured which is something that marketplaces and aggregators holding the majority of the market doesn’t offer. We want to give everyone an opportunity to enter the limelight of the NFT ecosystem, but we will definitely ensure we put quality projects out there with the highest potential.

About Mintverse

Mintverse is an extensive NFT marketplace where users deal with NFT collections, games, and more. Mintverse aspires to be the largest NFT aggregate with the most extensive data, encompassing all chains.


NFTSCAN is a professional NFT asset browser and data analytics platform. NFTSCAN is devoted to building infrastructures in the blockchain world, providing developers and users with high-quality blockchain data support and services.

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