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MetaVisa Introduces Decentralized Identity And Credit System For DAO And GameFi

MetaVisa Introduces Decentralized Identity And Credit System For DAO And GameFi

MetaVisa is a layer three middle protocol built on Ethereum to become the metaverse’s decentralized identity and credit system.

MetaVisa is helping users establish and display reliable on-chain identity and credit records by analyzing on-chain behavior preferences, credit history, address activity level, address correlation, asset holdings, and portfolio. 

MetaVisa uses its credit system called MetaVisa Protocol Credit Score (MCS) that conducts comprehensive processing and evaluation of data in various dimensions. The MCS is based on blockchain data that use cloud computing and machine learning technologies. The system also uses model algorithms such as logistics, decision trees, regression, and random forests. After analyzing the data, the system then awards users ranked badges based on their scores. Each badge will be an exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs)  owned by the user in question to signify subsequent enjoyment of rights. Note the higher a user ranks, the more privileges in services they have access to in various DApps.  

There are two kinds of NFTs by MetaVisa, including MetaVisa Hero and MetaVisa Hero Assembly-limited edition. Note, users who have the MetaVisa Hero NFT can participate in various activities to claim the MetaVisa Hero Assembly-Limited Edition, which has a total of 10,000 to release.

By analyzing blockchain data, the platform makes it easy for decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, DAO, GameFi, and other DApps to serve their users better. Notably, MetaVisa makes it easy for these applications to integrate the identity system into different applications such as Yield Guild Games (YGG).

YGG is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) used for investing in NFTs. YGG brings together players within the blockchain-based play to earn gaming guild and virtual worlds, allowing them to maximize their engagements from blockchain-based economies. For users within YGG, MetaVisa works by capturing their on-chain actions data used to create a profile of YGG’s guild members. Reportedly, this data helps YGG better target its uses and improve the general output of its members. 

In addition, users can use the MetaVisa credit system and the badges as credentials to log in to third-party applications in the metaverse. In the GameFi market, the credit system can be used for GameFi asset credit transactions,  special reward didtribution and other actions requiring user identity proof. 

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