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Meme Token Economy Climbs 14% in 2 Weeks — DOGE, SHIB Command 83% Dominance

Meme Token Economy Climbs 14% in 2 Weeks — DOGE, SHIB Command 83% Dominance

Toward the end of this week, crypto-assets rebounded in value after meandering for two weeks and consolidating. While specific tokens like decentralized finance (defi) coins, metaverse tokens, and smart contract coins improved a great deal, the meme-token economy increased in value as well, as a number of meme coins like dogecoin, shiba inu and dogelon mars have seen significant gains during the last seven days.

Meme Coins Climb Higher in Value This Past Week — Shiba Fantom and Luni Lead the Pack

21 days ago on December 5, the meme token economy was down more than 12% and hovering just above the $47 billion region. Today, the market valuation of the meme-based crypto economy is $54.1 billion, up 14.61% since that day. Out of the top ten meme-based crypto assets today, 8 out of 10 of them saw seven-day gains. The largest meme-based crypto-asset dogecoin (DOGE) jumped 9.6% last week while shiba inu (SHIB) spiked 21% during that time frame.

Other top ten meme-based assets that saw gains last week include spell token (31.5%), dogelon mars (51.7%), baby doge coin (41.1%), cate coin (22%), and dogebonk (27.5%). However, the biggest meme coin gainers this past week include shiba fantom (193.5%), luni (189%), fantom doge (67.2%), and kawakami (57.5%). The biggest losers in the world of meme-based coins include smugdoge (-54.4%), shibavax (-42.1%), and iotxshiba (-36.4%).

Dozens of ‘Dog,’ ‘Shiba,’ ‘Doge,’ and ‘Shib’ References in Meme Coin Names

Today’s 24-hour meme coin gainers include luni, shiba fantom, and cake monster. With the meme-coin aggregate value of all the tokens on Sunday, December 26 at $54.1 billion, dogecoin and shiba inu make up most of the total. Dogecoin’s market capitalization today is $25 billion and shiba inu’s market cap is $20 billion.

That’s approximately 83.17% of the entire meme-coin economy value on Sunday morning (EST). The entire meme coin economy dominance, against the $2.49 trillion worth of all the crypto coins in existence, is approximately 2.17% today.

In addition to the usual meme coins people talk about on a daily basis like SHIB and DOGE, a slew of coins share similar names. 24 meme coins in the meme token market economy, recorded by on December 26, contain the term “doge” in the name, 29 tokens have the term “dog” in the name. 19 meme coins have the term “shiba” in the name, 25 use the term “shib,” and 12 coins use the term “inu” in the name.

What do you think about the meme-coin assets that saw decent seven-day gains? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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