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Mastercard and Polygon Unite to Build a WEB3 Music Space


  • Mastercard and Polygon Network unite to create a new web3 space for musicians.
  • According to the blog, this initiative will let artists acquire unique access.

Mastercard has collaborated with Polygon to develop an accelerator program to assist musicians in building their careers using web3. MasterCard said in a blog post on January 7 that this project will connect five budding musicians from around the world with mentors who will help them establish their brand in the web3 music industry.

According to the blog, this program will assist artists in gaining unique access to special events, music releases, and other opportunities. A curriculum will create to teach artists how to construct their brand through web3 experiences. Such as minting NFTs to represent themselves in virtual worlds and developing an active community. Later in the year, the program will culminate with a live-streamed artist display.

Mastercard Extends Into WEB3 With a Partner With Polygon

For users who are not selected for the program, Mastercard is also providing a nonfungible token (NFT) collection called Mastercard Music Pass. The aim is to provide holders with instructional materials and one-of-a-kind assets through brand collaborations. In order to assist aspiring artists in learning about web3 integration with the music industry.

Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Watt remarked as part of the announcement that web 3 has the ability to empower a new type of artist. Who can create a fanbase, make a living, and introduce innovative channels for self-expression and interaction on their terms.

MasterCard has recently teamed with a distinct blockchain-related firm and introduced crypto cards. As well as cooperated with many firms to enter the crypto and blockchain industries.


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