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Market Analysis Report (10 Jan 2023)


FTX’s businesses have drawn interest from roughly 117 different parties, according to a new legal filing in the collapsed crypto exchange’s bankruptcy case. Lawyers representing FTX debtors have prioritized selling four businesses: Embed, LedgerX, FTX Japan, and FTX Europe.

These four businesses are relatively independent from FTX, according to attorney Kevin Cofsky, and their value may decrease during the bankruptcy case if they are not sold.

FTX’s debtors have entered confidentiality agreements with 59 of the 117 parties interested in buying the collapsed exchange’s entities. Approximately 50 are interested in Embed, 56 in LedgerX, 41 in FTX Japan, and 40 in FTX Europe.

An initial hearing for the sales of the company’s assets was initially scheduled for January 11th, but given the number of potential buyers and other factors involved in the bankruptcy proceedings, the timing of the hearing may be altered.


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