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Lounge Lovers: 10,000 Unique Digital Lounge Music-themed NFT Collection


Lounge Lovers

One beauty about NFTs is the ability to have almost any digital file turned into one. From images to videos, to audios, we now have the power to make digital versions of these files in the form of tokens and have them stored on the blockchain for a long time. A perfect example of this intersection between NFTs and audio files (re:music) is the Lounge Lovers project.  Lounge Lovers is a private collection of 10,000 unique digital lounge music-themed collectibles. The project aims to create a community where music lovers and lounge enthusiasts across the world can come together, and interact within this unique collection and community. Stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the Lounge Lovers NFTs are hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This original collectibles will contain more than 350 hand drawn traits.  While there is no date yet, Lounge Lovers will have a presale and a public sale sometime in late March 2022. The project will be available for minting on the website during the initial sale (this will have only 1500 spots available) and once this collection is sold out, buyers will be able to get a Lounge Lovers NFT only on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea. Whitelist spots for the presale will be given to community members who are early and are active in the community. Apart from this, members can also get whitelisted through giveaways (for whitelist and NFTs) that will be happening weekly for Lounge Lovers NFTs and 20 lucky winners will receive 1 of 1 Legendary Lounge Lovers NFT.  Presale and Public Sale Prices  Whitelisted members will be able to mint a maximum of 3 Lounge Lovers NFTs during the presale and the mint price for presale will be 0.09 ETH plus gas. This is limited to 1500 members and the rest of the NFTs will be made available for public sale. Members can mint up to 10 Lounge Lovers NFTs per transaction in this phase and the mint price for public sale will be 0.12 ETH plus gas. Benefits Collaborations — Lounge Lovers is only the first artwork the development team plan to release in their collection. There are plans to collaborate with other projects to incorporate the “neon-noir aesthetic” Lounge Lovers X style.  Merchandise — The team is currently talking to a big clothing company located in the United States to design and manufacture their merchandise. Collections will remain in limited editions and would be exclusive to only Lounge Lovers holders. Members will be able to purchase the merchandise by using the $LUV Token. Liquidity Pool — Lounge Lovers’ Liquidity Pool and token will be going live in April 2022. $50,000 will initially be added to the pool, with 25% of all royalties being added at the end of each month.  Mutants & Serum — The project will be releasing the Magic Luv Serum and their Psychedelic Lovers Collection in June 2022. Holders will be granted free serum for the Psychedelic Lovers Collection. Free Mint Pass — Holders will be eligible for free mint passes which ensure that for each future release, they will behave Free Mint Passes. However, not every holder will receive a mint pass for each project. Charity Events — A core tenet of the Lounge Lovers team and project is giving back to the world. The team will continue their charity efforts and will also be taking suggestions from the community on where charity donations should be made to. Real-Life Events — Events at music venues and festivals will be hosted and holders will be eligible to claim a certain amount of free tickets. Holders will all be VIP guests on these nights. Roadmap  10% — Welcome to the Show  A $20,000 Fund has been created for the Face The Music Foundation 25% — Opening Act  5 Lounge Lovers NFTs will be randomly given away to members that own a Lounge Lover NFT 5 Lounge Lovers NFTs + $1,000 will be randomly given away to members that own a Lounge Lover NFT 10 Lounge Lovers NFTs + $2,500 will be randomly given away to members that own a Lounge Lover NFT 5 Lounge Lovers NFTs + $5,000 for our huge giveaways on Social Media 40% — Grab The Mic  $30,000 will be made available to finance community creation. This will include design, development, marketing etc. Royalties will be allocated in a special fund to ensure the well-being of the rest of the project.  50% — Concert Series  10 premier tickets will be given to 5 (sets of 2) randomly selected Lounge Lovers NFT owners to attend the Coachella music event in 2022. $2,500 per set will be awarded for travel and this will be based on availability. $25,000 has been created for the Music Cares Foundation  75% — The Rock Festival  A celebrity … Continued

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