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League of Legends Soul Fighter Skins Leaked


League of Legends Developers have been pumping out new skins every two weeks for a few years now. They have mainly been solid but some have been less than ideal. That being said they have been great about trying new skinlines for big events. As announced previously, there will be a new skinline for the big Summer Event. It seems as though the skinline’s name has been leaked along with some champions that will be a part of it. Here is a look at the League of Legends Soul Fighter Skins.

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This was leaked by known leaker, BigBadBear. Below is the video discussing the different champions that are likely getting skins. There will also be a list of them below the video.

[embedded content][embedded content]

Here is a look at all the potential champions getting skins.

Soul Fighter Samira

Soul Fighter Pyke

There is no doubt that these skins will be highly anticipated. Mainly because they will be part of the major League of Legends Summer Event. In years past they have mostly used it to try and tell stories. The first and easily most beloved one was the Spirit Blossom Festival. Then they tried to tell a major story in the actual lore, the Ruination. Both had major champions revealed in Yone and Akshan along with a story centered around Viego.

This year will apparently be a bit different. Most likely the 2v2v2v2 mode will be released which will certainly be fun. Then there will be some other parts to it but no graphic novels like in previous years. That will likely be sad to some but then again, the last two years have not been very well-received so it makes sense for Riot Games to mix things up.

With this, it is believed that these skins will be coming out sometime around the end of June or mid-July with Patch 13.13 or 13.14. Make sure to keep checking back for more news and updates on these skins as the date for their release is coming soon.

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