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LCS 2023 Spring Split Top Lane Power Rankings: Preseason


The 2023 LCS Season is fast approaching and it is time to start looking at all the LCS teams and their players to determine how good their Spring Split could be. This is the top lane Preseason Power Rankings and is the first of three different editions of this piece. The goal will be to look at each player in their respective role and see where they rank compared to the opposition. Here is the LCS 2023 Spring Split Top Lane Power Rankings ranked from 10 to 1.

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10. Revenge

There is no doubt that Revenge probably has a higher ceiling and has showcased his talent at times but when will he do so consistently? With Immortals devoting a lot of resources in-game and out-of-game, Revenge has yet to give them a solid return on investment. He has been near the bottom in nearly every statistical category and rarely gives them the carry performance IMT need in order to win games. This could be Revenge’s last chance to show that he can be that franchise player the Immortals’ front office believe he can be.

9. Licorice

After going to Golden Guardians, many believed that Licorice would find his Cloud9 form once again. Sadly, this has not been the case. Outside of a few games here and there, Licorice has largely struggled. Some of that stems from the amount of attention he would get from other teams as they would focus his lane. With River fully set up and many people expecting Gori to be a much-needed upgrade in the mid lane, there is a chance that Licorice could find that top form again in 2023.

8. Solo

Every single time a team gives Solo a chance, he produces. Whatever the team needs, Solo can do it. This is what has made him arguably the best mercenary in the west. His playstyle is not flashy but he stabilizes his lanes to give the rest of his team a chance. TSM found this out quickly once he helped them make a run in the LCS playoffs that saw them push EG to their limit. Solo will rarely win his team a game, but he basically never loses it for them either.

7. Dhokla

After bouncing around, it seems as though Dhokla has found a home on CLG. His champion pool still leaves a bit to be desired but when he gets the chance to carry, he can put on quite the performance. His Akali, Gwen and Yone games were very good while he also found a lot of success on the crocodile in 2022. There may still be one more level to Dhokla’s play which could be unlocked with CLG sticking with their same five coming into 2023.

6. Armut

The Gnar man himself graces the LCS with his presence in 2023. Dignitas certainly surprised a lot of people by bringing Armut over from the LEC. While he is known for his Gnar, Armut can certainly play the meta and still shine on it when given the opportunity. It will be interesting to see how these new items affect a player like Armut as they could give him the ability to straight-up carry alongside Santorin. Look for Armut to have a bounce-back year with Dignitas.

5. Tenacity

Outside of jojpyun, there has not been a more anticipated debut than Tenacity. While he did play in the 2022 Lock-In and was on 100T for the 2022 Spring Split, he only played in one game and had a decent performance. Then he went right back to tearing every Academy top laner a new one. While there may be some growing pains, there is no doubt that Tenacity has all the ability to be a superstar in the LCS for years to come.

4. Fudge

Fudge is a very good top laner. He is still only 20 years old and is already going into his third year of pro play in the LCS. There is certainly another level to Fudge’s gameplay, one that sees him playing at a more consistent level. If he can do that and take over in what many are anticipating to be a strong meta for top laners, then he could make these rankings look incorrect very quickly.

3. Summit

He’s back and ready to defend his title. Yes, the last time he was in the LCS he won an MVP. Not to mention the fact that it was his only Split in the LCS. While things did not work out with C9, there were rumors that he wanted to come back to NA right after he left. Team Liquid decided to give him the chance to come back and this meta may be absolutely perfect for him. If TL can get the 2022 Spring Split regular season Summit then they could be fighting for a title. If they get the 2022 Spring Split playoffs version of Summer then things might get a little dicey.

2. Impact

Every year people think Impact is going to fall off. Every year he laughs in their faces and wins yet another championship. Impact is an LCS Championship-winning machine and he is hoping to do that on his fourth LCS team. He currently has seven titles, for those who may be wondering. He is the definition of a playmaker and is one of the most consistent players in LCS history.

1. Ssumday

The amount that this man is overlooked is criminal. Every year he comes in and gets the job done. Yet, he only won his first LCS title back in 2021 Summer. This is mostly because the 100 Thieves teams that Ssumday has been on have been average until the past two years. He would hard carry only for players, many of who are out of the LCS, to throw the game or find a way to ruin their playoff run. That should not be the case for 2023. This Evil Geniuses team looks terrifying and should easily be the best team that Ssumday has ever played on while in the LCS.

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