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LCS 2023 Spring Split Awards Predictions


The LCS will finally be starting after a lot of anticipation. With a lot of moving parts, new dates, new times, returning GOATS and some great additions from all around the world, this season could be filled with a lot of twists and turns. Possibly more than LCS fans have ever had. Even still, LCS 2023 Awards will be given out but at the end of the Split when there is much more information. Here are the LCS 2023 Spring Split Awards Predictions.

There is a chance as well that these awards may not be given out until the end of the season although it seems likely that they will keep it split with Spring and Summer awards. This piece will act as if they are given out at the halfway point of the season. With that, here are the LCS Spring Awards Predictions.

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LCS All-Pro Teams

1st LCS All-Pro Team

Top- Ssumday

Jng- Inspired

Mid- Bjergsen

Bot- Berserker

Sup- Vulcan

2nd LCS All-Pro Team

Top- Summit

Jng- Pyosik

Mid- jojopyun

Bot- Prince

Sup- CoreJJ

3rd LCS All-Pro Team

Top- Impact

Jng- Blaber

Mid- VicLa

Bot- Luger

Sup- Eyla

Coaching Staff of the Split

1st- CLG

2nd- FLY

3rd- 100T

Rookie of the Split

1st- Yeon

2nd- Tenacity

3rd- Diplex

Spring Split Most Valuable Player

1st- Inspired

2nd- Berserker

3rd- Pyosik

This should certainly be a fun year for the LCS, there is quite a bit of talent. Best of luck to the teams and players as the 2023 season begins!

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