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Kwon Warns To Call FBI on ‘Someone’ Who Wrongly Received 1.3M LUNA


  • TFL accused a community member, Jimmy, of refusing to return misallocated airdrops.
  • Jimmy responded to the claim stating the company had inadequate communication strategies.
  • The user received 1,347,810,646 LUNA airdrop tokens (approx. $6-7 million), at the time.

After Terraform Labs (TFL) accused a community member named Jimmy Le of refusing to return misallocated $LUNA airdrops worth roughly $6-7 million, the member responded that the organization had inadequate communication strategies.

Moreover, Jimmy cited tax-related justifications, indicating that he wants to set aside the money for the transaction’s tax purposes. In other words, he is currently consulting tax lawyers about the implications of the refund.  

Ironically, TFL’s CEO, Do Kwon, who is being actively hunted by law enforcement around the world, threatened to call the FBI on Jimmy for “rugging” the Singapore-based crypto firm. The anonymous Twitter account FatMan, who is also known as a Terra Researcher, reacted to this news in a recent tweet.

Concurrently, netizens mocked Kwon’s reaction to the situation, calling it “too funny” and referring to the squabble as “just another day in crypto innit.” FatMan quipped about the incident stating:

There’s something pretty funny about a guy who tried illegally selling US securities and (is) on the run from Interpol threatening someone with the “FBI” for… Getting legal and tax advice.

For the uninitiated, last week, TFL posted its argument on Twitter, explaining that during the Genesis Airdrop event held at the launch of Phoenix-1 in May 2022, an error occurred. The error was due to a bug in the CW3 multi-signature wallet, resulting in the community members receiving a LUNA airdrop that they should not have received. The other signers returned LUNA to the community group, except for Jimmy.

Due to the bug, Jimmy reportedly received 1,347,810,646 LUNA airdrop tokens at the time. Enraged by the company’s claim that he was “unresponsive” and “ignorant,” Jimmy clarified his arguments on Twitter, asserting that TLF only presented one side of the Genesis Airdrop situation. Furthermore, he stated that he has been working with the company to resolve the issues since May 2022.

Meanwhile, Terra allegedly proposed a plan to Jimmy wherein he could return the funds and send them to the community to vote on the governance proposal, but apparently Jimmy refused.

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