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Kookoo Crypto TV: Choose Content Creator that will Make You Grow

OG Axie Infinity content creator Kookoo CryptoTV tells us what kind of creators should players follow, amidst the increasing number of videos meant to promote hype and speculation in Axie Infinity.

The post Kookoo Crypto TV: Choose Content Creator that will Make You Grow appeared first on BitPinas.

Kookoo Crypto TV, arguably the most popular content creator of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, reminded the player community to wisely choose the content creators they follow and make sure that those they do follow will help them grow. He mentioned this during BitPinas Webcast Episode 05 last Thursday, January 6th.

When asked about the current climate in content creation, he noted that the people’s mentality to “get rich real quick” is still there considering the tendency of everyone to be enticed and the hype surrounding the game.

“That’s normal, human nature ‘yan na ma-excite sila if there is something happening na parang malaki yung changes na nangyayari. Pero right now, be very careful lang kung sino yung mga influencers na fina-follow n’yo kasi it will really affect yung mga gagawin n’yo when it comes to the metaverse and the blockchain,” he stated. 

(Translation: That’s normal, it is part of human nature to be excited if there is something happening which might be a huge change. But for now, be very careful with the influencers you choose to follow because it will really affect your actions when it comes to the metaverse and blockchain.)

He added that there are a lot of content creators that will offer various types of content but he advised that the community must choose their influencers accordingly.

“Piliin n’yo ‘yung mga content creators na sa tingin n’yo, ‘yung purpose ng mga videos nila ay for the greater good,” Kookoo said.

(Translation: Choose the content creators which you think makes videos for the greater good.)

According to him, he also looks forward to more content creators that share the same passion and vision that aims to help other people. He pointed out that the viewers can follow emerging Axie Infinity content creators if they “want to learn more about playing the game, especially PVP (player-vs.-player)” because they can learn to play better just by watching.

“Balansehin n’yo lang din, kasi kung ano yung palaging nafi-feed n’yo sa isip n’yo o kung ano ‘yung palaging pinapanood n’yo, ‘yun yung pumapasok sa isip at puso n’yo,” he advised.

He emphasized that viewers must filter the creators they watch and consider those influencers that may help them “grow as a person, a community member, a community leader and also as an influencer.”

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This article is published on BitPinas: Kookoo Crypto TV: Choose Content Creator that will Make You Grow

The post Kookoo Crypto TV: Choose Content Creator that will Make You Grow appeared first on BitPinas.

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