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Jimmy Le: Challenging Wrongful Airdrop CW3 Multi-Sig


  1. TFL made a mistake and gave a man called Jimmy one million LUNA.
  2. The individual has not returned the funds yet.
  3. Jimmy plans to save some in the event of taxing for the transaction.

According to a recent report, Terraform Labs (TFL) made a mistake and gave a man called Jimmy one million LUNA, which had a peak value of somewhere between $6-7 million. 

According to the rumors, the individual will not return the money just yet since he is concerned about the tax ramifications; this might suggest that he is seeking the advice of some tax attorneys about the effects of returning the funds.

Surprisingly, he wants to save some in the event that he could be required to pay taxes on the transaction, which is something that experts agree is reasonable.

On May 28th, Jimmy received a 1,347,810.646 $LUNA vesting as a signer of the Interchain Incentives Multi-sig, which he redelegated to LUNCDAO (a validator he’s directly linked with). This information is concretely based on the TFL thread.

Jimmy claimed his stake rewards from this wallet between the 29th of May and the 6th of June, and he transferred them to an account on a controlled exchange.

On June 11th, he gave back all of the $LUNA staking incentives that he had previously received to the community.

Nonetheless, he did not follow the regulation that called for him to transfer the vesting (illiquid) $LUNA to the Community Pool. Instead, he asked that the funds be deposited into a LUNCDAO wallet, so that they may be used to improve the Terra ecology.

The team recommended to Jimmy that he return the LUNA to the Community Pool as the LUNA in issue belongs to the community and not TFL. Then, if he still thinks it should be handled by LUNCDAO, he may subject it to a community vote via a governance proposal.

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