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Jetbuilt adds Service module to growing platform


Jetbuilt has announced the addition of a Service module which can provide everything one would expect from a service application, but with far more intelligence and power due to its integration with Jetbuilt’s core platform.

The module was unveiled at this year’s InfoComm show in Las Vegas.

“The Jetbuilt community has been requesting this functionality for a long time,” remarked Paul Dexter, Jetbuilt founder and CEO. “But first we needed to build everything that an efficient Service module relies on, including a fully developed sales platform, CRM, project management, and asset tracking. These all tie into a highly effective and, in many ways, automated service module.”

Service integrates with Jetbuilt’s existing asset tracking by giving the end user the ability to scan a QR code on the back of an item that is malfunctioning, thereby creating a service case with a flag to contact the client for additional details and schedule service. Already stored within the very asset that the client is reporting is warranty information, date of installation, IP address, login details, and a host of other essential information to help the tech resolve the service case.

 Whether a case is submitted from an end user or through the front office, details about the project can be accessed, including if a support package is attached, if the project is under initial warranty, and what related equipment is part of that original installation.

 Launched in 2015, Jetbuilt began as a fast and intuitive solution to budget and create well-presented proposals. However, the addition of Service rounds out Jetbuilt’s offerings as a comprehensive and robust project solution.

Solutions now include Funnel, which tracks leads and helps turn prospects into clients; Stock which tracks inventory from warehouse to installation; Install which manages tasks and installation time, while JEL, the Jetbuilt Engineering Lab, provides engineering services, such as CAD and Revit drawings, 3D renderings and more.

This Post was originally published on AV Interactive

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