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Institutional Investors Eye Crypto as a Safe Haven Amid Soaring US Debt: Insights from KPMG Report


Main Page / Distributed Ledger Technology / Amidst Rising American National Debt, Institutional Investors Shift Towards Cryptocurrencies as a Protective Measure Against Currency Devaluation, According to KPMG Findings

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Large Ethereum Holders Trigger Market Volatility by Offloading $140 Million Worth of ETH

Large-scale investors are shifting their focus to cryptocurrencies as a protective measure against currency devaluation in the face of the rising United States national debt, KPMG's study reveals. The study underscores a surge in the appeal of virtual assets as a safeguard against the possible decline in the value of conventional currencies.

The national debt of the United States has experienced a consistent rise in recent years, surpassing $28 trillion in 2021, setting a new peak. This growth in debt has sparked worry among investors regarding the enduring strength of the US dollar and similar government-issued currencies. Consequently, numerous large-scale investors are exploring ways to broaden their investment mix by allocating funds into digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A key factor driving the shift of institutional investors towards cryptocurrency as a protective measure against currency dilution is the autonomy inherent in these digital currencies. Contrary to conventional money managed by central authorities like central banks and governmental bodies, cryptocurrencies function on a decentralized network managed by individual peers, making them less vulnerable to state interference. This autonomy offers investors more command over their investments and diminishes the dangers associated with inflation or a decrease in the currency's value.

Cryptocurrencies provide an unparalleled degree of openness and protection compared to conventional monetary tools. Blockchain technology guarantees that dealings are safe and unalterable, thereby presenting a significant challenge for any cybercriminals or deceivers attempting to compromise the network. This robust security feature is highly attractive to professional investors who aim to safeguard their holdings against online dangers and various hazards.

The analysis from KPMG underscores the opportunity for substantial profits from investing in the cryptocurrency sector. Even with its unpredictable price swings, the worth of digital currencies has experienced a consistent rise in recent times. Notably, Bitcoin soared to unprecedented levels, crossing the $60,000 mark in 2021. This surge has drawn the interest of major investors eager to take advantage of the possibilities for considerable gains within the realm of digital assets.

The summary of the report indicates that professional investors are progressively considering digital currencies as a legitimate substitute for conventional financial tools to guard against currency devaluation. Given the ongoing growth of the US national debt and the escalating worries about inflation, it's probable that a greater number of investors will look towards cryptocurrencies as a means to safeguard their wealth and possibly achieve substantial profits going forward.


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