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Insomniac’s Symbiote Spiderman gameplay looks absolutely brutal


Insomiac Game’s Spiderman games have been taking the world by storm. From the incredible success of the first game to the popular spin off, the Spiderman games have earned great praise. And with Spiderman 2 on the horizon, fans can’t help but be absolutely hyped for the game — especially after the recent gameplay reveal.

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In the most recent trailer, Insomniac revealed Spiderman’s Symbiote suit. Covered in black, the suit has a slick gleam to it. But it doesn’t just look cool, it’s gameplay matches the character amazingly well.

Spiderman’s Symbiote form grants Peter Parker extra strength, but also changes his base personality. He therefore behaves far more violently and aggressively, which was showcased in the trailer. Most of his movement skills look the same, but Spiderman now extends his limbs with the help of the Symbiote, allowing him to toss around multiple enemies as if they’re pieces of lego.

[embedded content][embedded content]

The cinematic finishers are far more brutal than the previous game. It’s definitely hard to believe that Spiderman is pulling his punches during these finishers, some of the victims definitely look like they got yeeted to the afterlife…

The twelve minute teaser revealed a lot, and allows a lot of speculation to be had as well. If Spiderman Symbiote is playable, there’s an incredibly high possibility that Venom will make his debut in this installment as well. After all, Venom and Symbiote Spiderman go hand in hand. Therefore it would truly be a waste of a great opportunity to not include Venom in Spiderman 2.

Considering Venom was neglected in the Marvel cinematic universe, having Venom introduced in the Insomniac Game’s Spiderverse would be an absolute dream come true for Spidey fans all around the world.

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