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Huobi Futures to launch bitcoin (BTC) options trading in Q3



Following the successful launch of Perpetual Swaps in Q2 of this year, Huobi Futures will be aiming to launch Bitcoin Options Trading in Q3. Bitcoin Options are a form of financial derivative that gives the trader the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell Bitcoin at a specific price at a certain date of expiry.

Huobi Futures will be offering these Options contracts in the European style which means that the buyer of the Option can only be exercised at the expiration. The Options contracts will, at first, only be available for Bitcoin.

Alpha testing for Huobi Options is already underway as the Huobi team looks to iron out and streamline the Options trading offering. Once this phase is complete, Huobi Futures will announce the official launch on Web and API. After a month, Huobi will expand the Options trading to the Huobi Trading App.

Understanding Options

Options have long been a popular derivatives trading tool in the traditional space, but this type of trading has also permeated the cryptocurrency space recently. A Bitcoin Options contract is similar to a futures contract with the main difference being that the trader has an option, rather than an obligation, to buy or sell on a fixed date at an agreed-upon price.

Bitcoin Options are popular derivatives trading contracts for a number of reasons, not least because they are more cost-efficient. These contracts also offer a leverage function, but generally, the premium is much lower than the spot index, which means that, when compared with spot trading, users only need to pay the premium to have a position so as to gain the same possibility of losses/profits.

Options are also less risky as the maximum loss an Options holder can incur is the Options Premium while there is near unlimited potential for profit. Hedging can also be effectively achieved on Options contracts against the spot market and be used in arbitrage.

Options can also be used in conjunction with other trading methods and strategies and because of their effectiveness in a rising, falling, or flat market, they can be effective in profit-taking as long as the right goals are set.

Huobi offers USDT-quoted options 

The underlying asset of Bitcoin options is the BTC/USDT index. The option price (option premium) is also quoted in USDT, which is different from the inverse options on the likes of OKEX and Deribit whose premium is quoted in BTC.

The benefit of having the options premium quoted in USDT is obvious as the price of USDT is stable without any price movement compared with having an index of BTC or other cryptocurrencies.

Huobi offers low minimum positions of 0.001 BTC. This means that traders can open an Options position with around $10 compared to other exchanges where the minimum position can cost as much as 1 BTC. On top of this, Huobi Futures only charges basic trading fees and delivery fees. No additional fees are required. These fees are also comparably low among markets.

Huobi is well known for its VIP Sharing Program and Market Maker Preference Policy. This User-friendly policy will also be available on options, aiming to lower clients’ switching costs. The VIP Sharing program is targeted at traders from competing platforms or traditional finance markets.

Huobi also takes security and risk management very seriously and has mature risk management tech support and vast amounts of experience. Huobi Futures’ risk management is intended to mitigate liquidation risks while providing high leverages effect on its options contracts.

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Avanti Financial Joins Kraken as a Wyoming-Approved Crypto Bank



Blockchain pioneer Caitlin Long is now the CEO of her own special purpose depository institution (SPDI) in Wyoming. 

Avanti Financial’s banking charter was approved unanimously by the Wyoming State Banking Board on Wednesday, becoming the second newly chartered bank in the state in 2020 after Kraken Financial earned approval last month.

Avanti, like Kraken, now has to jump through a few hoops – like raising more capital – before it can be granted a certificate of authority to operate.

“Kraken definitely captured attention, but now that there’s a second one chartered it’s no longer a one-off situation and a trend is in motion,” Long told CoinDesk in an email.

Along with the charter approval, the banking board approved Avanti’s future issuance of Avit, a programmable electronic currency that’s redeemable at par with a U.S. dollar. The Avit is not a security token, meaning it is not a digital representation of an investment that’s expected to generate returns.

The Avit will be issued initially on Bitcoin sidechain Liquid and then on Ethereum, Long said. 


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Markets Rocked by Lockdown Nation

Xi communist fistComplete red greets markets today as investors are faced with difficult decisions amid a marching continental lockdown in a repeating concert. All are holding their breath for Emmanuel Macron’s address…



Complete red greets markets today as investors are faced with difficult decisions amid a marching continental lockdown in a repeating concert.

All are holding their breath for Emmanuel Macron’s address to the nation. He is expected to order a house arresting lockdown.

Schools will remain open they say but not secondary schools and higher with this potentially the first country to total lockdown.

Wales has already locked up. “People have been told to stay at home and only leave for essential food, medication or to take exercise among other limited exceptions,” CNN reports.

Germany has gone for a soft lockdown for now, while in UK barbers will remain open, but restrictions continue to be imposed across the continent.

Walter Ricciardi, an adviser to Italy’s health minister, called for an immediate shutdown of the city. “In Milan you can catch the virus by simply entering a café or getting on a bus,” he said.

Mass public protests in Siberia against Putin have given way to ambulances protesting a lack of beds.

The situation in Russia is apparently getting towards terrible, with the country being generally very poor as its people barely earn $200-$300 a month due to most government resources being spent towards the army.

This is just the beginning they say. November is expected to be worse. December presumably worser. January even worse than that. As well as February.

2023 some say this will continue. Some say immunity lasts just three months, making any vaccine irrelevant and thus these lockdowns irrelevant too.

“Hospital bosses in Nottingham have cancelled some cancer operations due to ‘pressure on intensive care units’.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust medical director Keith Girling said the trust had taken the ‘extremely difficult decision’ to postpone four cancer operations this week.” Bosses, over government run hospitals.

Top companies by market cap, October 2020

All are bracing for tomorrow, which happens to be a Thursday, with investors unsure whether they are to expect another -20% quarter.

Just as they are unsure whether this V recovery we’ve seen is more of a dead cat bounce.

Typically, after a bubbly top is reached an asset briefly quickly falls and then almost fully recovers, to then turn falling downwards.

Whether that’s the case here is not too clear, but what is clear is that the “just three weeks” we were told was a complete lie.

Moreover, what is also absolutely completely unclear, is how can China claim their rates are stuck at about 5,000 with 90,000 cases, as when the lockdown was lifted in March.

Obviously, it is either the Chinese government lying – in which case how on earth can they lie to 1.4 billion people and the world – or it is our government lying.

Because, how on earth did this all begin and finish in three weeks there, while it goes on to last for a year here and some say for another three years?

Who is lying, and why? Who is killing these cancer patients that had their operation cancelled?

Stock prices, October 2020
Stock prices, October 2020

The first on the top from the left is American stocks with their V recovery based on some $2 trillion of bazooka money, some directly given to Americans.

They’ll have to pay it all back, of course, with interest, meaning they’ll actually be poorer due to the indiscriminate manner of this taxed giveaway.

Euro stocks are on hourly candles, and then you have the Chinese stocks doing terribly in 2019 amid Trump tariffs, but watch what they do.

Sideways gives way to a shallow dip, instead of a massive crash as March US stocks. Then we have even more new highs as they increase their business by forcing masks and all sorts of plastics on offices and public spaces.

The British stocks have suffered the worst. Almost halved to barely recover and now turning downwards towards that halving again.

Japanese stocks appear to be doing better, while German stocks are now seeing that sharp downturn.

Cui bono, is always the question, and here the answer is clearly China. What to do about it is primarily what America will vote on in six days.

It’s a heavy vote and all else is secondary to this matter in this election.

We trust the American people and their judgment, but the decision is a clear appeasement with Biden, or a response with Trump.

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Kucoin and Revain Announce Partnership



Before deciding to buy or apply for any service, consumers are primarily interested in doing their homework via the ability review via 3rd Party Objectivity based on what other people are thinking.

This is especially true for the blockchain universe. The success of Bitсoin and Ethereum has given rise to thousands of young projects that are as complex as they are innovative.

In order not to get lost in multiple offers of wallets, exchanges, and cryptocurrencies, Internet users are starting to look for reviews to guide their decision-making process.

The project began to use blockchain to keep all reviews unchanged. This gives trust to the community and allows users to learn with the ability to interact with both projects that interest them and the communities they represent.

Trust can play an extremely important role for serious companies. The KuCoin and Revain projects have started cooperation for the common benefit of both communities. The Revain Widget implemented on the main page of one of the leading exchanges allows visitors to read and write reviews directly on the platform.

Companies that have already achieved success should understand that the review widget increases a conversion rate and provides additional traffic.

And there are other pluses as well

For example, why would you buy products on a mystery shopping service if you can simply read a ready-made review on the Revain website?

And it will be fair, fast and, most importantly, it’s free.

It’s not a surprise when blockchain technologies are used in the crypto community. But the Revain Project doesn’t intend to stop there and has serious plans to expand the topic on which the writers will write reviews.

It’s important for people that the review includes pros and cons.

This could stem from concerns about fake reviews, and an underlying assumption that balanced reviews feel more authentic than reviews that are overly or exclusively positive.

Consumers want retailers to have better technology, offer more services, and establish better personal connections. Consumers think about what good shopping experience looks like in the first place. Therefore, when people read or write a review, they pay attention not only to the facts but also to the feelings that appeared after the purchase from the company to which the review was then written.

When there are feelings, it is important to preserve a zone of trust and comfort

The usual advertising channels carry information about the product and the brand. But they do not contain the emotions of other buyers. The buyer chooses where he will share his buying experience.

And it is especially important that the credibility of the review that is written on the seller’s website does not reach heaven. It is very important to have an independent platform, the need for which has been ripening for a long time in the Internet community.

Therefore, reviews are written on the Revainplatform. You can display these reviews on your website using a simple widget. Thus, customers will see the independence of the review and at the same time, they can read it without leaving your site.

Of course, there were sites for reviews, they exist now and will continue to appear. But a project like Revain meets the expectations of ordinary people and businesses as much as possible. After all, reviews cannot be deleted or falsified because of blockchain. The hash of each review is kept for centuries.

Because of this, some reviews may seem funny as their authors decided to add some new facts or correct mistakes later. I recommend visiting and reading such reviews. A very interesting experience.


Source: Rinat Arslanov has been the Co-Founder and CEO of Revain since its inception. He describes his passion for Revain as a life project for him. He is currently doing his Ph.D. at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and is expected to complete his doctorate in 2022.

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