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How to get a cryptocurrency job in 2019



With the recent downturn of the market, the cryptocurrency sphere opened many new opportunities to ambitious young people who are looking to get a cryptocurrency job in 2019. And by job, we don’t necessarily mean becoming an ICO advisor, but actually specialising in a specific part of a company’s growth.

But how does one go about choosing and finding the job opportunity best suited for him?


Most job positions available in the cryptocurrency sector are related to coding and development. If you are one of the few that want to work in front-back end development jobs, you can skip this step.

This chapter is written mostly for people who are looking to acquire a new skill that will help them get a cryptocurrency job in 2019, less than one year since the skill acquisition. Some of the most sought after, easy to learn, skills in the sector are the following:

-Marketing & Community managers

-Graphic designers

-Customer support

-2D/3D animators

-Content creators

Start by choosing which job best suits your skills and lifestyle. If you are a good writer already, consider a specialisation in cryptocurrency content management. If you are more experienced with communication and quick problem solving, you should consider customer service.


In order to kickstart your immersion in your newly chosen path, I would recommend you find an online course that can help you learn the skills you need.

There are many different options and pricetags, but my personal choice would be to go with Udemy. Their course are extremely underpriced and the value you get, if you choose the right course, is unparalleled.

Once your course has started, spend at least 2-3 hours per day practicing your skills and doing further research on how you can apply these skills to the cryptocurrency sector.

A good place to start is by reading forums related to cryptocurrency or to your specific skill. If you want to get a cryptocurrency job in 2019, you need to know exactly what your employer is looking for and offer it before he asks for it.


Now that you have taken a course in your new skill and have practised enough to be considered at least “good” in what you do, it is time to build up a portfolio that you can show to your prospective employer.

To do that, the best way is to offer your services for free.

Send sample articles to your favourite cryptocurrency blog, develop some aesthetically pleasing graphics for new Social media posts of your favourite coin. Be ready to do some free gigs. If you work consistently, within a month you should have at least 10-15 work examples to show to your potential employer.


Now that you have your portfolio built, its time to finally start chasing. To get a cryptocurrency job in 2019, you will have to stand out of an enormous competition. How will you do this? There are many ways. Here are some tips to remember:

-Do not apply directly to the application button. Instead, spend some time to discover who the HR manager of your (potential) employer is and contact him/her directly via email. The easiest way to do this is by downloading Snovio, a Chrome extension that helps you get emails from linkedin profiles.

-Keep it concise. Don’t over complicate your request and do not talk about yourself. Instead, focus on the value you will be able to provide to the company.

-Everything you say must be formulated in a way that shows the employer you have done your homework regarding the company. What are their pain points? What are some current problems they are facing?

-In the end, ASK. Be unapologetic. Offer your help and state that this will be a paid job. Whether you decide to work for a given company as a freelancer or as a employee, you have to be able to let your character shine through the first email.

This step by step process helped me and many other people in my Social circle get a cryptocurrency job, with 3 to 6 months of continuous effort. You can do the same, only now, your competition will be way less, due to the results of this grueling bear market.

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Analysis: Current Bitcoin Rise Due To New Money Entering Crypto (And Not Altcoins Sell Off)



Bitcoin is enjoying several consecutive bullish days, resulting in a break above $12,000. The movement may surprise some. A few days ago, news broke that the popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx had suspended withdrawals after reports emerged that its founder was taken away by the police.

In early October, the owners of another large platform, namely BitMEX, were charged by the US CFTC with illegally operating a derivatives exchange.

Similar developments typically lead to adverse consequences for the cryptocurrency market. Although Bitcoin’s price indeed dipped briefly, the asset recovered swiftly. Moreover, it actually started accelerating.

On October 2nd, when the BitMEX news came out, BTC slumped to $10,400. With its price set above $12,200, this represents a 17% increase in less than three weeks. Since last Friday alone, when the OKEx events transpired, Bitcoin has gained about $1,000 of value.

Apart from building optimism within the community that a new 2020 high of above $12,500 is coming, BTC’s impressive performance raised questions about the nature of the funds going into Bitcoin.

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New Capital Enters

Popular cryptocurrency commentator Alex Saunders published a graphic on the matter called “Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows.”

Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows. Source: Twitter
Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows. Source: Twitter

Saunders specified that the blue represented the entire cryptocurrency market cap, the black – BTC’s market cap, and the orange was the cumulative market cap of all alternative coins.

He outlined several periods when Bitcoin’s performance contrasted altcoins. This implies that when BTC was heading up, investors were swapping their altcoin positions for more significant exposure to Bitcoin and vice-versa.

However, the latest price increase for the primary cryptocurrency doesn’t fall under the same category. Saunders concluded that the data he collected “suggests the capital entering Bitcoin is new money rather than a rotation from Altcoins.”

Alternative Coins Stay Still

By examining the price performance of the altcoin market, one could see merit in his words. Although some alts have lost value lately, most have remained relatively stable.

On a weekly scale, Ethereum has lost less than 1%, while Ripple has dropped by about 2%, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

The altcoin market cap hovered around $148 billion a week ago and is slightly down to $147 billion now. The monthly scale even sees an increase from about $135 billion.

Altcoin Market Cap. Source: CoinMarketCap
Altcoin Market Cap. Source: CoinMarketCap

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Cardano Prepares To Break Out As Investors Watch In Disbelief




Cardano prepares to break out as the sentiment around it creates a valuable profit opportunity while remaining dormant as the price action gets capped by the 200 and 50-hour moving averages as we are reading further in our Cardano coin news.

The on-chain metrics show that Cardano prepares to break out above the resistance level which will not be easy. The current state of the disbelief of the ADA traders could be a positive sign from the counter sentiment perspective as Cardano is going through a stagnation phase and the rest of the market aims for higher highs. As the investors shift their attention to pumping coins, ADA will go higher and will make a breakout again.

ADAUSD on TradingView

Cardano has been stuck in the 200 and 50-twelve hour moving averages so these critical hurdles have limited the price action to a smaller trading range that is getting even narrower time after time. ADA’s inability to bust through the support and resistance makes this area a no-trading zone. With Bitcoin’s impressive rally at $13,000, it is safe to assume that a breakout will soon happen but the IOMAP model shows that moving past this resistance will not be easy. Based on the on-chain metrics, about 5,200 addresses previously purchased 2 billion ADA coins between $0.11 and $0.113 so with an impressive rally like this one, a barrier could have the ability to keep the rising prices at bay. Holders in this price range will try to exit the previously recorded underwater positions which will push the prices back down.

InOut of the Money Around Price by IntoTheBlock

Because of the heavy resistance ahead, the long-term sentiment around Cardano was pessimistic. Most of the market participants believe that ADA will not create a strong enough buying pressure to break out. they seem to be waiting to catch long positions at lower prices. Going against the wider opinion proves to be a profitable strategy especially in the crypto market. From a counter sentiment perspective, this state of disbelief is bullish as the odds for another breakout that will get the traders behind their backs increases drastically.


If Cardano manages to turn the $0.11 and $0.113 resistance into support, the IOMAP model shows no bearish traps ahead that will prevent it from rising more towards $0.13. it is also worth mentioning that if the overhead resistance rejects more upward price action, the $0.1 level could act as stiff support. More than 18,000 addresses already hold 2.5 billion ADA according to IntoTheBlock’s IOMAP model.

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Bitcoin Price Moons to New 2020 Highs on PayPal News



Newfound bullish momentum is omnipresent with Bitcoin’s price throughout the last few days. The cryptocurrency has increased by more than $2,000 since October 6th, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Bitcoin Price Breaks 2020 Highs on PayPal News

Throughout the entire month of September, Bitcoin’s price was somewhat stagnant, with a few minor exceptions. This became a cause for increasing worries among cryptocurrency analysts and traders, many of whom were worried that the price would head lower and fill the (still) unfilled CME gap down at $9,600.

All of this changed on October 6th when BTC started its ascend. Since then, the price has increased by more than $2,000, with the momentum culminating today on some major news coming from PayPal.

The world’s largest online payment processor announced that it would enable its customers to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as soon as the “coming weeks” for US-based accounts and the first half of 2021 for other countries.

Naturally, the market reacted in a positive way. Today, Bitcoin’s price has surged from a low of around $11,910 to a high of $12,888 on Binance Futures, before retracing to where it’s currently trading at $11,750. With this sudden move, Bitcoin broke the previous 2020 high marked on August 17th when the price reached almost $12,500.

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BTC/USD. Source: TradingView

The Rest of the Market Stalls Against BTC

Somewhat expectedly, altcoins are bleeding heavily against Bitcoin. The market dominance of the world’s leading cryptocurrency is increasing aggressively over the past few days, as it’s now sitting at 61.%, up about 3% in the last month.

Bitcoin Dominance. Source: CoinMarketCap

As CryptoPotato reported yesterday, BTC’s market dominance is sitting on a 2-month high, while altcoins are already feeling the pressure.

Moreover, a recent analysis indicated that the latest increase in the price of Bitcoin comes from fresh capital, and it’s not a rotation of funds from alts. This shows that the new money entering the space goes into Bitcoin, rather than alternative cryptocurrencies.

On an entirely positive note, it’s worth mentioning that this seems to be a news-driven event. The fact is, however, that PayPal still hasn’t allowed its users to buy Bitcoin, meaning that there might be more positive developments once the feature is rolled into the platform’s services. Moreover, the company has also stated that it will push for the adoption of using digital assets with its vast merchant network in the following year.


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