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How to Change Your Character Appearance in Diablo 4


After over a decade, the Diablo series is finally making its return with Diablo 4. Fans of the series have been waiting for quite some time and many have undoubtedly bought the game early. This RPG should be one that is up for Game of the Year honors. With that, there will be questions as to how to find or do certain things with the launch of the game. Many fans will be wondering how to Change Your Character Appearance in Diablo 4. Here is how and the different ways to do so.

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Before diving too deep it is important to note that the customization of characters is limited. Specifically in the face, size and just general looks of the characters. Instead, Blizzard focused more on unique looks as a lot of it will be covered up by armor, robes and other gear.

When looking at changing a character’s appearance, players will have a few different opportunities to do so. The first is at the beginning of the game. This will be where players can set their style, tattoos, makeup, hair and so much more. But if players do not like what they initially picked or just feel like they want to make some changes, there is another area to do so early on in the game.

After finishing the prologue, players will make their way to the city of Kyovashad. Here they will have to go to the Cathedral of Light to progress the story. Once that is done the city mostly opens up with a lot of different options. One of those will be the wardrobe. Below is a picture of where to find it on the map.

Wardrobe in Kyovashad

As seen in the picture above this area is available at an in. It is right next to the waypoint and just south of the Cathedral. Once players make their way up there, they will have a few different options.

How to Change Your Face in Diablo 4

One of the options will be to change your face. Well in a certain way. The only time players will actually be able to change anything significant about their face is at the beginning of the game. After this, players will only be able to change their makeup and their jewelry. So make sure to be happy with whatever it decided at the start of the game.

How to Change Your Hair in Diablo 4

Similar to trying to change a player’s face, changing their hair is not available after the beginning of the game as well. This is a bit surprising and limiting considering some of the other options. Players can change their markings and what colors they are. But changing their characters’ hair is not an option.

How to Change Your Skin Color in Diablo 4

This is another option that is not available after the start of the game. Like trying to change race in games like Skyrim, it is just simply not something in the initial start of the game.

How to Change Your Wardrobe/Ensemble in Diablo 4

In the wardrobe, players can pick different ensembles that they may want to wear. Whether it is for beauty or practicality, there are different sets that players can go out with. With each new set, there is a cost though. Along with this, there are only five slots available for ensembles so make sure to use them with a purpose. Also players will have to buy each one with in-game gold.

This is all players will need to know about changing their appearance in the game. The options are relatively limited but Diablo 4 is more about ensembles and armor sets to fight world bosses than it is about looks. This isn’t an MMO after all.

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