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How to Catch Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Catching legendaries in the post-game of Pokemon Legends Arceus stands as one of the most engaging activities for completionists. Okidogi is one of The Loyal Three, or the Three Heroes, of Kitakami. To help players out, this guide will go over how to catch Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Okidogi can only be caught after completing the base story of The Teal Mask. In other words, players cannot catch Okidogi during their initial run in with the Pokemon. Upon completing the main story, to catch Okidogi, visit the Northwest side of Paradise Barrens. Here, players will find Okidogi standing menacingly.

The location is displayed in the image below.

Okidogi will be level 70 upon encounter, and is a Poison and Fighting type Pokemon. Okidogi is 4x vulnerable Psychic, and 2x vulernable to Ground and Flying type moves.

There’s something about domesticating and taming deities of their realm that provides a great sense of accomplishment. Maybe it’s the sense of power of dominating a creature that is worshipped by the entire community present in the game.

In Conclusion

The people of Kitakami praised The Loyal Three, also known as the Three Heroes. Citizens even created statues in their honor, commemorating the three Pokemon fighting against an evil ogre. Eventually, the story reveals the “evil ogre” to be Ogerpon. Catching Ogerpon occurs naturally through story progression. There’s a ton more to do outside of attempting to catch the post-game Legendaries. Players can play a brand new multiplayer mini game, and farm shinies of new forms of preexisting Pokemon.

For more guides to catch the rest of the three heroes, check out our guide on catching each of The Loyal Three.

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