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Host of CNBC Crypto Trader Ran Neuner Launches First-Ever Streaming Crypto Call-in Station


Host of CNBC Crypto Trader Ran Neuner Launches First-Ever Streaming Crypto Call-in Station

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Host of CNBC’s Crypto Trader Ran Neuner has launched the world’s first First Streaming Crypto call-in Station known as CryptoBanter. The station is an interactive audio and video streaming Crypto channel that will allow both viewers and listeners to call in on live programs. It will provide 24/365 broadcasts with live information on the cryptocurrency market, including news, views, interviews, and live discussions with crypto enthusiasts globally.

According to the founder Neuner, CryptoBanter will leverage the CNBC CRYPTOTRADER brand to feature the biggest names, expert guests and traders as well as allow the global crypto community to voice their take on the industry.

“Crypto is a unique asset class that trades 24/7/365 and today there is no credible, live information stream” said Ran Neuner. “Unfortunately, traders seeking actionable information have to trawl social media or consume it on podcasts and pre-recorded YouTube shows, by which time it’s often out of date. Banter is designed to bring the banter from Crypto Twitter and Telegram to a credible, moderated AV medium. It is designed to filter out the noise and bring information that people can trade on to a live streaming medium”

With CryptoBanter, viewers and listeners can call in from any part of the world with the press of a button and they can remain anonymous if they so choose. The platform will provide up-to-date information on the crypto market that investors, traders, Hodlers, and even hobbyists will find relevant for all purposes. They can download and install the CryptoBanter to the stream on Youtube and also access many other platforms on the website CryptoBanter.com. 

Also in addition to the one-touch button on the website, listeners and viewers can use social media such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and also local phone numbers. With the brightest minds and experts featured on the channel to provide the latest information on developments in the crypto industry, listeners and viewers can be sure of getting all the best info in one place called Banter. Initially, programs will run for a few hours a day and increase over time to 24-hour coverage.


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