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Harmony Bridge Hackers Move Nearly $27M Stolen Funds


  • On January 28 the culprits had transferred 17,278 Ether, or nearly $27 million.
  • The exchanges were made aware of the suspicious transfers of funds.

The North Korean hackers responsible for the June thefts from the Harmony Bridge are still attempting to launder the stolen monies. ZachXBT, a blockchain detective, disclosed on January 28 that the culprits had transferred 17,278 Ether, or nearly $27 million, over the course of the weekend.

ZachXBT said in a Twitter thread that the tokens had been sent to six different cryptocurrency exchanges, but he did not specify which exchanges had received them. Also, the money transfers were made to three primary addresses.

Some of the Stolen Transferred Assets Frozen

Moreover, ZachXBT claims that the exchanges were made aware of the suspicious transfers of funds and that some of the stolen assets were temporarily frozen. The crypto detective noted striking similarities between the exploiters’ actions and those used to launder over $60 million on January 13.

Furthermore, the transfer of the $100 million occurred a few days after the FBI’s confirmation that Lazarus Group and APT38 were responsible for the breach.

The Horizon Bridge allows users to easily send and receive funds between the Harmony platform and other networks like Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Bitcoin. On June 23rd, a number of tokens from the platform valued at about $100 million were stolen.

Tornado Cash was used to distribute 85,700 Ether to different addresses after the vulnerability was discovered. On January 13, the cyber criminals began moving around $60 million of the stolen assets via the Ethereum-based privacy protocol RAILGUN. Moreover, MistTrack, a cryptocurrency monitoring platform, has found that 350 addresses are linked to the hack across many exchanges.

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