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The Biggest Renewable Energy Companies in the World (Konstantin Rabin)


As 2022 has progressed, there has been increasing pressure on European nations to put an end to their reliance on fossil fuels—an initiative given even more impetus lately due to Russian threats to stop providing oil and natural gas. Even before the Ukraine
conflict began, in 2021 as much as $755 billion was put into the green energy changeover, which beat 2020’s input by 21%. Increasing the capacity of our solar and wind farms will be a process set to continue through years to come, but, even this year, it’s
estimated that world capacity for renewable energy production will increase by 8%. Fuelling all this growth has been a global wave of environmental awareness that doesn’t show signs of going away. Join us as we peek in on some of the most important renewable
companies in the world today and get a better sense of where they’re headed—essential info for

those engaged in online trading of CFDs

Iberdrola SA

In July this year, Spanish multinational energy provider
Iberdrola SA
took steps to making itself a major provider of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging facilities throughout Spain and Portugal. Together with BP Plc, Iberdrola planned to put $1 billion into setting up 11,000 facilities for quick EV charging, but
also into producing more green hydrogen, which comes from renewable sources rather than natural gas. Ignacio Galan, Iberdrola’s CEO, said he devised the partnership in order to fast-track “Decarbonization and energy self-sufficiency through the electrification
of two key sectors of our economy: transport and industry”. 


Headquartered in Shanghai, China, JinkoSolar expects the capacity of its new solar module installations for 2022 to amount to a considerable 250 GW, and the company continues to improve the efficiency of their
cells in such a way as to reduce costs. In Q1, they struggled in the face of Chinese lockdowns, but insisted that “The impact of the pandemic on production and operations is temporary”. Other obstacles for the company included high shipping costs and polysilicon
prices, but, looking ahead, they were optimistic due to the “solid demand for clean energy solutions”. 


Mid-year, Danish multinational energy company Orsted was given the contract for the UK’s Hornsea 3 offshore wind farm – the biggest in the world. It’s expected the facility will send out renewable electricity to 3.2 million
British homes. Offshore wind is “A homegrown source of clean energy at large scale that will help the UK achieve its climate targets”, said Orsted’s Martin Neubert. In fact, it’s anticipated that £155 billion of private company money will be put into offshore
wind projects by 2030.


American energy company NextEra’s Q2 results were solid, nudging their stock’s online trading prices up by 1.75% near the end of July. Florida Power & Light (FPL) – their main cash-generating segment, which delivers power to about 12 million Florida residents
– recorded 11% growth year-on-year for Q2. Sunny Florida is a suitable home to FPL’s solar-driven operations. By 2045, FPL aims for a set-up made up of solar, green hydrogen, and battery storage power (83%), nuclear power (16%), and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
(1%), which is made from solid waste, manure, and wastewater. The company’s other wing,
NextEra Energy Resources (NEER) controls as much as 28 gigawatts of renewable power in North America.

First Solar

Another American enterprise, First Solar is known for making the thin-film solar panels that are needed for larger scale solar energy farms. The solar leader has big plans going forward, expecting to build two new factories next year to produce their Series
7 solar panels: one in Ohio and another in India. One advantage that has helped First Solar thrive during post-pandemic slumps is its supply chain, which is not routed through China, thereby bypassing the production-lagging lockdowns which have been occurring
recently in several Chinese cities.  

ClearWay Energy

At the end of June, US-based ClearWay said it had taken over a series of wind farms from Capistrano Wind Partners at the price of $255 million. A month earlier, their partnership with TotalEnergies brought them a $1.6 billion injection of cash and a 50%
stake in one of TotalEnergies’ daughter companies. Already an industry leader, it will be interesting to see if ClearWay continues to thrive as the year goes on. 

NW Groupe

This French company manages electricity storage facilities and is valued at $1.5 billion. They successfully raised $315 million in June for their NW Storm segment, proving France’s earnestness about beefing up its renewable power sector to reduce reliance
on Russian commodities.

Wrapping Up

Readers involved in online trading via CFDs are often fascinated by the renewable energy industry, which continues to expand and flourish throughout the world, and which is now getting a boost from the pressing need to find reliable energy sources. It’s
advised to keep an eye out for news items reporting any changes in the flows of gas or oil from Russia to the euro zone in weeks to come, all of which could affect not just the online trading prices of key energy provider companies, but also the price fluctuations
of top commodities such as oil and natural gas.

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