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Finest scrape by Eternal Fire to win Pinnacle Cup IV


Finest have won Pinnacle Cup IV after extinguishing the flame of Eternal Fire in the grand final, a three-map series that saw the teams win each other’s map picks, Overpass and Vertigo, before engaging in a tight battle on the Dust2 decider, where Finest narrowly came out ahead following a 16-14 victory.

Finest started their run from the very beginning of the tournament, qualifying for the Swiss round following wins over 777 and Tricked. Despite getting off to a solid start in the Swiss group stage, going 2-0, Guy “⁠anarkez⁠” Trachtman‘s side ended up on the brink of an early elimination, dropping close series to Spirit and Apeks before narrowly beating Wisla Krakow to advance to the playoffs.

anarkez finished at the top of the board for Finest with a 1.19 rating

There, Finest claimed revenge against Leonid “⁠chopper⁠” Vishnyakov‘s troops, who stumbled upon the return to online play after a 3-4th place finish at PGL Major Antwerp as they fell in a tightly contested two-map series. Finest continued their good form by easing past TYLOO and surviving a close bout against Movistar Riders, setting up a grand final match against Eternal Fire, who had been invited directly to the quarter-finals and had beaten SKADE and ECSTATIC en route to the title-deciding match.

The grand final kicked off in extremely one-sided fashion as Eternal Fire came out of the gates swinging, decimating Finest on their own map pick of Overpass with a 13-2 CT-side before closing out the map midway through the second half. A reply from the Swedish-Israeli-Estonian combine came quickly though as they led 9-6 on Vertigo before cruising through the T-side, winning seven straight to push the series to a Dust2 decider.

Eternal Fire were the ones to gain early control on the final map, running away with a solid T-side effort as they put up a five-round lead at halftime. Despite winning the pistol round though, the Turkish team were unable to convert against Finest‘s force-buy, a win that proved key in getting anarkez and company back in control as they put up a stellar offensive effort of their own, completing a comeback to just barely edge out a 16-14 victory to take the series.



Pinnacle Cup IV final standings:

1. Sweden Finest – $80,000
2. Turkey Eternal Fire – $20,000
3-4. Spain Movistar Riders
3-4. Denmark ECSTATIC
5-8. Brazil Isurus
5-8. Kosovo Bad News Eagles
5-8. Bulgaria SKADE
5-8. China TYLOO
9-12. Russia Spirit
9-12. Europe Apeks
9-12. Russia K23
9-12. Sweden GamerLegion
13-15. Poland Wisla Krakow
13-15. Denmark MASONIC
13-15. Poland AGO
16-18. Czech Republic ECLOT
16-18. Czech Republic SINNERS
16-18. North Macedonia BLUEJAYS
19-20. Serbia 4glory
19-20. United States Bad News Bears
21-24. Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX
21-24. Portugal FTW
21-24. Sweden Savage
21-24. Denmark Tricked
25-32. Finland KOVA
25-32. Serbia iNation
25-32. Finland HAVU
25-32. Ukraine EC Kyiv
25-32. France Falcons
25-32. Brazil Case
25-32. Norway 777
25-32. Hungary ONYX

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  • Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/33912/finest-scrape-by-eternal-fire-to-win-pinnacle-cup-iv

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